Monday, 17 April 2017

Looking for a social media guy

37 people read yesterday's bog which is cool - THANK YOU.  For the first time since I started writing this blog the UK has overtaken the USA as the home for most of my readers.

I received an e-mail from Amazon this morning pushing me to promote my books far more than I do.  Yesterday I floated the idea of my needing an illustrator and a promotions guy to work with me in support of my writing.

To keep Amazon happy I am going all out to recruit someone to work with me as Social Media Manager and promote my books.

If I may allow my head to swell a little I do not think I have done a bad job, for an old boy that is, in setting up my social media. I am fast approaching 200 items on my YouTube Channel, although numbers have fallen in recent weeks I still have over sixteen thousand followers on Twitter,  Facebook has now 268 friends, here on Blogger I have an international readership. LinkedIn is my weak one. Problem is I do not have the time to both create my stories and spend time promoting them.

Within the social media networks I have set up there must be someone who would like to have a bit of fun working with me to promote my writing.


  • Someone based in the UK and near enough to where I live in North Buckinghamshire so we
  • can meet up and chat face to face.
  • Someone who knows me, even if that goes back a fee decades.
  • Someone who is slightly older, not a teen-geek, and can bring a bit of life-experience to the project
  • Someone who understands the power of social media
Then if we actually win some of these awesome Amazon bonuses, figures which run into thousands, I would share the money with my Social Media Manager. I want also to find an illustrator so the cash would be a three way split:  Myself - Illustrator - Social Media Manager.

I can not promise any cash - right now winning any of the Amazon prizes and bonuses is pie in the sky BUT a promotions manager using the vast power if social media to drive people to my e-books on Amazon could take pie in the sky and turn it into cake on the plate.

Could you be that person ?

Drop me an e-mail.  Let me give you my personal e-mail address.

Hope to hear from you.

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