Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Let's have a disco

My next door neighbour runs a mobile disco, he specialises in the 1960's, 70's and early 80's - the music I love !  My wife has booked him for a party celebrating the 50th anniversary of the community centre she runs.  I have been asked to go along, take photographs and make a video.  My neighbour gets lots of bookings for old folks care homes !  No, honestly he does !

I am wondering if he will let me have a spot during the evening. I hope he uses a twin deck like we used to. I once tried to DJ for an hour at a party in a London club and could not, for the life of me, cope with the digital and computerised system.

Anyway coming to this party will be our local MP, The Mayor and all kinds of dignitaries.

In the hope that Graham will let me have a spot on the turntables I have been preparing a play list.  Can I share it with you now ?  Some of my facebook friends who remember The Leon Disco will no doubt groan in memory of the times I pushed my way into the DJ spot and recall my playing some of these songs.

To get people dancing and to help make the Mayor's face as red as his robe I'll kick off with this.

Keep the momentum going with this:

Don't know about you but I can still do the actions.  OK having played Agado there is only one song to follow up with.

The next record is something my mother used to have, used to have - I nicked the single so we could play it at the disco.

Time for a dedication, this song will be for our MP. I don't think he likes Nicola Sturgeon either. (Does anyone ?)

Now I want EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, for form a circle.  Off we go !

Time now for the conga !

Just in case any of the civic dignitaries were punk rockers in their youth let me play this.

Time for another dedication.  This one is for ME !

Let's take the speed up again. Anyone not doing the actions -   SIR WILL NOT BE PLEASED !

Finally let me play out with this.

Well wasn't that fun ?  Do you think I will be allowed a spot at that 50th anniversary party ?

You know what I really would like ?

I would love top hire a hall somewhere, book my neighbour on condition he lets me have a couple of turns then to invite all those from the old disco days to come along.


Those former Leon Disco guys and girls could come, brink their kids  (I'll bring my grand kids !) to be embarrassed as they watch Mum and Dad relive their youth.  Any other blog readers who fancy a bop could also come.  I would push my way into the DJ's spot and play stupid songs a bit like these !

Anyone fancy making it happen ?

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