Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Is Destiny tapping on your shoulder ?

Hi there friends...... I have a lot to share today so hang in for a longer than normal blog entry.

Yesterday 41 people read what I scribbled on my blog, friends in UK, USA, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and France.

  • Today I am going to start of by sharing the latest chess moves Destiny has been making.
  • Then I want to talk about my PLAN.
  • Then for a bit of light relief we will play some music.
  • Finishing up with The Silly Old Man

So hold on tight !

There is not such entity as god. However, Destiny exists and is very real. For a few weeks Destiny has been tapping away on my shoulder, telling me she did not want me to go
down the road I was walking. Finally yesterday I was forced to give in and do what she wanted.

Twice Destiny frustrated the plan I had to drive out and soak up the atmosphere in the area where I was setting my story THE FIRES OF HELL.  Ignoring this, on Monday I rewrote the opening chapter and was pleased with the way it now looks.  I then started to write the next stage in this satanic adventure. the words just would not come.

Sod you Destiny.

Finally, yesterday, Destiny held up her hand and said STOP !

On Tuesday Destiny had given me two ideas for stories which I will write and I know I will enjoy writing but not just yet.  I had to finish THE FIRES OF HELL first.  While I was driving yesterday Destiny gave me an idea for a third story and told me to write it NOW.

No writer before has written in the genre Destiny has given me for AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY. The story will be unique.

Destiny has told me to finish and publish the work on Monday 8th May 2017 - seventy-two years after Victory In Europe Day.

This is not going to be a full-length book, neither will it be a short story.  Destiny is planning something quite unique.

Flight Sergeant William (Billy) Ashford was the wireless operator on Lancaster NG417 of 192 Squadron Bomber Command.

I am itching to allow Billy to tell his story and know my pen will be racing across the notepad today as the words flow at an amazing rate.

So Destiny are you happy with that ?

If I am doing what you want, Destiny, how about you supporting me with the next area of my life ?

I have, like I was telling you in YESTERDAY'S BLOG, been writing stories since I was seventeen years old.  I now have eleven e-books available on Amazon.  Billy's story will soon become number twelve.  I write for fun, not to make money although there is a lot of money available on Amazon.

The monthly bonus pot stands around $17.7 million which is divided between the top 100 USA and to 20 UK writers. There is also £20,000 each month as a prize for Britain's number one author.

If you look at my graph within Amazon you can see any of this prize money is miles and miles away from my pocket. I do not promote my e-books, I just let them sit there on the Amazon library shelf and hope people will pick them up. Of course I would like a share of that cash on offer but unless I get off my fat backside it aint going to happen.

I quite like the idea of the money - I would be a fool if I did not.

Over the past few days it has become an ambition, a faint and small ambition I have to say, to take a share of the prize money.

Now I am about to make a plan so it can happen.

My plan requires two people to work with me.  Destiny are you listening because it is going to be up to you to find them ? I need to find, or rather Destiny needs to find for me, two people to work on THE PLAN.

Together we will take my story THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING and use this to target a share in the Amazon bonus and prize money.

If I may say so and not allow my head to get too big, this is a good story.  It is an adult's view of a child's life.  It is fiction but each of the adventures Di is involved in come from situations taken from my own younger days.

I want to find an ILLUSTRATOR who will do for Di what Quentin Blake did for Roald Dahl's books. I do not want a professional artist, I want someone who is looking to work in the same way ad I do - for fun. For fun, yes, but to share my ambition to take a hold of the Amazon cash.

Is destiny tapping on your shoulder and suggesting you could be that person ?

I will take one third of any cash Di Central eating generates and the illustrator will take one third.  The other third will go to the person who works with us as Promotions Manager.

There is more than enough power in social media and social networking to take Di Central eating to the top of the Amazon best selling list.

I have made a start towards this but need Destiny to put the right person into place.

I have picked up using the Booksie website, something I let drop in recent weeks.

I have set up a MAX ROBINSON STORY group on facebook. No matter if you feel Destiny is asking you to be a part of my plan or not please consider joining the group.

I will spend a bit of cash, once the book has been illustrated, to advertise it on Amazon.

I am looking for the right person to work with myself and the illustrator to become our promotions guy.

I want someone who is slightly older, not seeking a teen-geek, someone who has life experience.  I need that person to be familiar with the way social media works and able to use it to our advantage.  

Now Destiny I think I know the person I want for this role but is it the same person you have in mind ?

If you feel the hand of Destiny tapping on your shoulder, either as the illustrator for Di Central Eating or as our promotions guy please use my personal e-mail to get in contact.

So I am now at the PLANNING stage of grabbing share of the Amazon cash. When I have these two friends in place we can make it happen.

So a word to the two friends who will be working with me.................

What will you do with your share of any prize/bonus money we take from Amazon ?

We will split the cash three ways - three equal shares.

I'll tell you what I am going to do with mine.  I will take my four grandchildren to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Right....... let's take a bit of a break while I play two songs I added yesterday to my YouTube Channel - 187 on-line now !

While this song predates Leon Disco, for those who do not know what that is it was a school disco some of my former students used to run, I know we had a copy in our record collection.  Could you imagine what the snowflakes would say if this were played in a school disco today ! ? !

1967 was the best year ever in history.  It was the year I left school.   

That summer an arrogant, self-opinionated teenager walked out of school, put two fingers up and vowed never to return. In the staff room teachers were knocking back the alcohol and saying "Thank goodness that little bastard has left." Funny how I ended up as a teacher myself !

So the prime minister has called a general election.  Yesterday parliament confirmed we will be voting for a new government on 8th June.

In every way this is a bit of a no-brainer isn't it ?  We all know what the result is going to be.

Yesterday I popped a quick survey on to Twitter - are you following me ?

This is the result.

I do not want to write an entry every day for THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN but the prime minister calling this election means I need to make more entries that originally

The outcome of this general election may already be known but in years to come it will go down, I am certain, as a significant event in our country's future.

It is so obvious why the prime minister is calling this election - TO MELT THE SNOWFLAKES. Or as Donald Trump would put things - TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

I am going to have to make diary entries to record the snowflakes melting and the swamp being drained.

For The Witch Of Scotland let me play her anthem.

As soon as I have published this blog I will write a Silly Old Man diary entry.

Before I go I need to let Destiny have the last word.  I put another survey on Twitter yesterday.

I think that makes it pretty clear what Destiny insists my next story is all about.

Speak again tomorrow.


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