Sunday, 9 April 2017

I am planning a productive week !

First of all THANK YOU to the 46 kind people who read yesterday's blog.  As well as my daily blog I do write a weekly DIARY which is published each Monday.  Today is Monday so the latest edition is NOW ON LINE.

I am planning a very productive week this week !  I expect to finish writing my teenage
autobiography either today or tomorrow - THE STORY OF A TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (FAILED) then top begin work on my next project THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN.

I am perfectly qualified to work on this next project.  
I am silly and, sadly, I am old. Last time I looked I was a man.

I guess this will be an on-going project, perhaps lasting many months. I wrote my teenage autobiography in four weeks, this diary will take a lot longer than that.

I am planning to also work on my satanic black magic story THE FIRES OF HELL.  What I have so far written is rubbish, it needs to be ripped up and started again.

Tomorrow morning I am expecting a delivery so will have to stop at home until it arrives. Once it has I will get into my car and drive to the location where I have set my story, soak up
the atmosphere then return to rewrite the introduction.

My teenage autobiography is set during the time when I was a management trainee in a large Birmingham department store. One of my friends there introduced me to the black magic writing of Dennis Wheatley and I instantly became a fan. I have never before attempted to write in this genre, my story idea for THE FIRES OF HELL is a good one, at least it is in my arrogant opinion but the way I am currently developing the plot and characters is rubbish !  It could be that I am just not cut out to write this type of book.

Until I wrote my first Dave McDermott story I had also never attempted to write crime fiction. Crime fiction is, of course, the most popular genre among readers. There are three stories in THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT and the central character is never far from my shoulder whispering in my ear for me to write more.

If I give up on my satanic story I will be writing more about Detective Inspector David McDermott, I may even allow him to be promoted to Detective Superintendent.

So I am planning a busy week.  I will keep you updated on my progress each day via this blog. Do check out my new DIARY - please.

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