Sunday, 30 April 2017

I am officially old.

I am officially an old man.

I may like to think that I look like my photo as used for the logo on my stories but that picture of the "senior" me was taken LAST SATURDAY while the logo image was taken FIFTY years ago.

Each month a generous government pays my OLD AGE PENSION into my bank account and twice a month Prudential pays me my private pension.  Does that or does that not make me old !

There are photographs of me standing along the coronation route waving a union jack as Queen Elizabeth II was on her way to the coronation at Westminster Abbey. I do not remember that, I was only three years old.

Neither do I remember The Cuban Missile Crisis when the world stood on the brink of nuclear war.  I should be able to remember it, I was old enough at the time, but I have no recollection. Some parents kept their children off school so the whole family could be blown up together when the missiles fell.  Mine sent me to school !  The headmaster of my school would not have considered World War Three to be an acceptable reason to have the day off.

I recall very clearly the assassination of President Kennedy and later of Bobby Kennedy.

I sat up all nigh to watch Neil Armstrong place man's first step on the moon.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is a vivid memory.

I wonder what ore memories are waiting for me in the remaining years of my life.  YES, I am
an old man but my family has a history of longevity so I am probably only about two thirds of the way along my own personal time line. 

My Paternal Grandmother lived to be 94 years old, she would have lived longer had she not been so stubborn and agreed to go into hospital when she developed bronchitis.

She was born in 1890. She was eleven years old when Queen Victoria Died. She was twenty-two years old when The Titanic Sank. She lived through two world wars, both taking a terrible toll on her family.

She could remember the Russian Revolution and the murder of the Tzar and his family.

She died in 1984, gosh is it that long ago ? Thirty-three years ! I still miss her so much, she was the matriarch of our family and a very special lady.

I am for ever telling my oldest grandson of my memories, he is probably sick, tired and utterly fed up of me banging on.  His favourite response is "Granddad you have said that an infinite number of times".

For the past twelve years I have been researching our family history, centred round my grandmother, which I intend to pass to all of my grandchildren.

I so much wish that my grandmother were still here, she would be one hundred and twenty-seven years old if she were, as there is so much I would like to ask her about her life.

It is twenty-past three in the morning and I am out of bed at my laptop.  I awoke thinking of my grandmother - Nan, and had to come to write this blog entry.  When I have published it I will go back upstairs and sleep a little bit more.

I have ten books on Amazon and am busy working on number eleven. THE BRIDGE HOUSE is my historical drama centred round my grandmother's long and full life.  Of all the different things I have written I am enjoying this book more than any before.  I can not get my grandmother, her name was Lily, out of my head.

The story begins in 1901 and the death of Queen Victoria.  I have just finished typing up that part of the story. Chapter One will continue to 1912.  Some of it is factual but I am wrapping my writer's imagination around those facts.  In a way I am doing this for fun but also to share with my readers some of the events in history that my dear, lovely grandmother lived through.

Lily if you are awake at this early hour, it is now half past three in the morning, I hope you approve of what I am writing.

Adam, my grandson, loves writing stories. That is something he has inherited from me.  I watched him writing the other day and could not believe the speed with which his pen raced across the paper.  At seven years of age he write far more quickly than I do.

Adam may be good at writing stories but he is not that good at illustrating them !  Mind you I think he has the hair right in his picture of me -    do you not agree ?

I wonder what memories of mine Adam will take when he write my life story.

Actually, Adam - granddad is spelt like that not grandad !



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