Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I am a little bit embarassed

Yesterday 56 people read my blog.  THANK YOU.

I feel a bit awkward writing today's blog.  I want to start a Facebook group for friends who read my stories and for those who want to write their own stories. This will be an open group into which anyone can add themselves in.  Of course I want people to read MY STORIES but I want to encourage people to write their own stories.

I started setting the group up but find I have to have at least one member as well as myself. I do not have the cheek to simply add in Facebook friends without asking.  If you would like to be a part of this new group simply message me on Facebook and I will add you in.

I hope you do not mind me saying this.  

I have added a new page to my DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN.

This is an on-going project.  I have purchased a web address for this story so you can now find it direct: http://www.sillyoldman.co.uk 

Yesterday I resumed working on my black magic story THE FIRES OF HELL.   It's going OK, I'll try to write some more today then type the text into the webpage.

I have two ideas for stories which I will start to write once The Fires of Hell is concluded.

The first is to be called THE BRIDGE HOUSE and will be a historical drama centred round the early life of my paternal grandmother. She was the matriarch of our family. For the past twelve years I have been writing our family history. This is not for publication but something I am doing for my
grandchildren. However, I want to take some of what I have found out and tell a story of her late teenage and early twenties life.  She was born in 1890 so lived through some interesting ties in history.

I am calling her story THE BRIDGE HOUSE as that was the name of her family home.  NO, that is not my grandmother in the picture I am using for the cover.  It is actually a picture which she inherited from her mother-in-law and was passed to me when she died. 

Although I do not plan to write the story until The Fires of Hell is finished I have scribbled the introduction.

Joseph Bedson called all of his large family together. The Bridge House sounded grander than it was, when every member of his family was at home together it was rather cramped.

His wife, Emma, knew of the announcement her husband was tio make and would have to make her own announcement to the school the next day.

Cecil and Oliver, the oldest Bedson children may have heard the news but would never have dared to speak of it without permission. Lily, who had just turned eleven years of age, would have felt no need for discretion and her father's permission were she in possession of the news. Nellie, Doris, Len, Arthur and Gladys were all too young to properly understand the significance of that Jospeh Bedson was about to share with his family.

The date was Wednesday 23rd January 1901.

The second story idea I will work on I am calling THE HEADMASTER'S STORY.

The introduction I have composed for this is:

"I do not like this new headmaster," Timothy Tucker announced to the staff room.

"The boys appear to like him," Robert Lord observed, "but I grant you he is no WAS."

Wilfred Alexander Spencer had retired after twenty-five years as headmaster of Boldon High School for Boys, no matter who his successor was his were big shoes to fill.

"Look at the way he dresses and using a Beatles song as his theme for assembly, I ask you !  Then continuing to use it every day for a week.  Ridiculous. What is a Nowhere man anyway ?"

"The trouble with you craft teachers is you have no appreciation of poetry."

"Poetry !  Four long-haired pop singers are not poets. I dread to think what WAS would have made of it."

Had he known WAS would not have had any comment to make nor would he have had any view on the subject. On his retirement and my appointment to the headship he cut all ties with the scjool that had been his life for so long.  That made me feel sad.

In due course the stories will be told.

What about YOUR story ?  

Help me set up this new Facebook group - THE MAX ROBINSON READERS AND WRITERS GROUP then share it on the forum.

As I set the group up can I invite you to join ?  Message me on Facebook and I will add you in.


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