Thursday, 20 April 2017

Flight Sergeant Billy is telling his story.

Flight Sergeant Billy is telling his story. I  am two thousand words into this unique writing genre, the words are flowing.

When I write I scribble into a notepad then later sit down and type everything up.  This was not a conscious decision, I didn't realise I was doing it until I sat down to write today's blog entry, but for Billy I am not using that notepad, I am typing his words directly into my laptop.

There are stories Billy has yet to tell, stories which will take him away from his seat in Bomber Command's NG-417 from 189 Squadron. I think when Billy tells these stories I will recognise a little bit of myself within things he did.

When I started to interview Billy I said I wanted to finish his story by Monday 8th May, seventy-two years since Victory In Europe Day. I think his story will be finished at least a week, if not two, ahead of that time.

If you want to see what Billy has so far had to say - CLICK HERE.

The genre I am working with Billy in is unique, I do not think any writer before me has done what I am setting out to do. Telling Billy's story is not a simple interview with an ex-serviceman. I am talking to someone who was killed in action at the age of twenty years, killed just a few weeks before Victory In Europe Day.

In Billy's story we will get to the telegram his fiance received reporting him missing in action.

Billy will tell of the base in Norfolk from where he flew his bombing missions.  I have visited this ex RAF base, several of the old buildings remain as do the runways from which Billy took off and landed. 

There is a memorial to those who flew out from RAF Fulbeck and, like Billy, did not return.

When the story is finished, I expect it to end up as about five thousand words, which is very short for an e-book, it will appear on my Amazon library shelf.

I don't think I am going to promote this story, it will simply be there for those who come across it and want to read it. As always I write for fun, for my own enjoyment. It does not matter if anyone reads what I have written or not.  I hope that Billy is enjoying telling his story, telling it to the nephew he never knew, a nephew who is now three times and more his age.

What I do hope is that anyone who reads Billy's story may want to sit down and write the story of one of their family members.


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