Saturday, 1 April 2017

Donald Trump has given me a right telling off !


Yesterday 30 people read my blog page.


I am moving along too slowly. I need to fit a rocket booster to my Zimmer !

Donald Trump has sent me a message giving me a right telling off about my TWITTER account..  My followers have fallen to 16.9k - below 17k OMG.  Donald tells me I have not been firing off enough Tweets.  Sorry Mr President.

Donald Trump I can cope with but I am a bit worried about another politician I have pissed off.  I am not religious but have ordered a crucifix from e-bay and hung garlic outside my front door.  I have to protect myself against a curse from the Witch of Scotland. I put this on Twitter and even if my followers have dropped it has now been re-tweeted so many times it has hit three quarters of a million users !

Since setting up my facebook page last week I have to admit to  not giving Twitter my previous attention. Everything will be OK when I get those rocket boosters fitted to my Zimmer.

I see from the stats page here on Blogger that most of my blog reads are now coming from facebook Not bad considering my profile is only 1 week old.

For those on facebook who are friends from those two wonderful teenage years spent working as a management trainee at Lewis's in Birmingham, I have now typed up by story as far as the New Year Sale in January 1968.  Let me proof read it all then I will pop a comment on the group's page.

If you don't mind all the typos you can read this draft version THE STORY OF A TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (FAILED)

This story has rather taken over the writing of my persona MAX ROBINSON. My grandson, Adam, is being polite about it but not happy I have not done any work on his
story FIREBALL XL5 for two weeks now !  I will get to it Adam, just let me get those rocket boosters fixed. OK ?

On my Doings List for today is to get out into the garden and open up my summer house for the coming sunshine.  I want to use it as my writing base over the coming months.

I am very proud of my summer house. I built it two years ago myself, completely from scratch.  My ever patient wife went away for a week and when she came back she found this in a corner of the garden.  She is going away again the week after next for four days and when she returns this time she will find I have installed a fridge in the summer house, stocked with drinks and it becoming my writer's base.

Roald Dhal used to have a shed in his garden where he wrote, my summer house is much better than his shed !

OK, let's put away my Max Robinson persona and pick up my GERIATRIC DJ status.

Thanks ever so to all those from Leon who are my friends on facebook who have sent me their memories of Leon Disco.

Time for me to play some more music from those disco days.

This first song comes from the very early days of the disco.

And something for those who danced in the later years.

Now for my third persona THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER

Every Monday, as well as this daily blog, .I publish my diary.  I usually star working on this on a Wednesday and have it finished for Sunday ahead of publication on Monday.  This week i have yet to start.  I really do need those rocket boosters.

Speak again tomorrow.

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