Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Destiny is playing games with me again !

I had yesterday all planned out - I was going to achieve so much !  Then the phone rang at 7am, I had to drive 25 miles, pick up my daughter, take her to hospital then hang around all day while she had a series of tests done.  I would have to catch up today.

8pm last night the phone rang again and today is going to be a repeat of yesterday.

Destiny what are you up to ?

I was, I  still am, determined to find the people I need to make my Amazon e-books a great success. It had been my plan to spend a lot of time finding an illustrator and a JFDI guy but yesterday I did nothing and today looks to be the same.

Destiny could it be you already have this in hand ? If so will you please hurry up and get it sorted ?

I did not, yesterday, finish editing AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY, for me to blame Destiny for that would be unfair, I could have done it if I had got my backside into gear.

Editing a story once it has been written is not something I enjoy doing. I want to move on and start writing the next tale.

I have not had an Amazon e-book sale since 18th April and I keep getting e-mails from Amazon telling me to promote myself harder. The moment I get a new story on-line people will check it out.

Here';s a promise.

I will get Billy's story on-line with Amazon today. That is a promise.

Billy's story is 99.9% true.  It is based on family stories I heard from my grandmother and research I have done into my family's history. Only the last moments in Billy's life as his aircraft crashed have been made up.

I am now busy writing my next story - THE BRIDGE HOUSE.  This is the story of Billy's mother and my grandmother. 

She was the matriarch of our family, I knew her so well and loved her to bits. When she died at the age of ninety-four I worse sunglasses at he funeral.  I did not want people to see me crying.

I know so much about my late grandmother Lily The Bridge House will turn out to be a full-length novel.

Then yesterday Destiny put up its hand and said STOP.

I was told very clearly to write the story, to base it around my beloved grandmother but to use my imagination to wrap all kinds of plots round the facts.

My grandmother, Lily, was 22 years old on the night of 14th April 1912. She was not on-board The Titanic but Destiny says she will be in my story.

Here she is with her youngest sister, born a Victorian, she is dressed in the typical attire of a young Edwardian lady. Can you imagine how utterly ridiculous it would be for her to ride a horse dressed in such a way ?  Destiny told me to write that into the book.

She was not such a young woman when she married her husband, right.  World War One got in the way.  My thinking for the book most certainly includes her being a munitions worker in a Birmingham arms factory.

Nobody in the family ever considered that she may have had a boyfriend before she married.

Destiny has told me to write one into the story.

While I am sitting today in the hospital waiting room my pen will be tearing across my notepad telling of Lily and The Bridge House.

Destiny will that keep you happy ?

Can you please then help me find my JFDI guy and illustrator to keep Amazon off my back !

5.50am - time to publish today's blog, get dressed then head off to pick up my daughter. Going via McDonald's for breakfast I am thinking ! Destiny, make sure they have the hashbrowns ready and piping hot !

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