Friday, 14 April 2017

Come With Me On A Journey Through Time

I am old enough to remember the very first edition of Doctor Who.

On today's blog I would like to invite you to come with me on a journey through time while I explain to you that, in scientific theory, time travel is actually possible.

But never mind scientific theory - from a writer's pent the fiction of time travel becomes FACT.

The very first book I ever had published was Peter's Magic Fountain Pen, something I wrote for my son's 12th birthday. He is now 36 years old with a family of his own. That book has been out of print for years but is now available on my WEBSITE and as an e-book on

In my story Peter inherits from his much loved great-grandfather an old fashioned fountain pen. When he writes with the pen he is transported through time to the place he is writing about. The pen has a life of its own and takes Peter through a series of adventures where he meets some of his ancestors and has to face an old family pirate rival.

Quantum Mechanics, I do not pretend to understand the theory but that theory presents the thought that there is not just one universe but an infinite number of universes in a MULTIVERSE.  With an infinite number of simultaneous universes anything and everything becomes possible. An object or person can be in more than one place and time. It is possible to be both alive and dead at the same time.

But never mind the theory, to a write anything and everything is perfectly possible within his imagination.

I am a fan of the late, great Freddie Mercury.  Of all his songs my favourite is THE GREAT PRETENDER. I use this title for a short story where the central character meets Freddie who is an Angel of Destiny.

Freddie appears in my publication TWO SHORT STORIES which is again available on my WEBSITE and as an e-book on AMAZON.

Given the theory of quantum physics where anything and everything becomes possible I look forward to the day when I will indeed meet Freddie Mercury.

Allow me to introduce you to two more people, people I have never met but within Quantum Physics one day I will.

This is my grandfather, William Ashford. I never knew him, he died when my own Dad was a small boy.

William served in the trenches of World War One where he contracted tuberculosis from which he suffered for many years and finally died ten years later.

This is Thomas Ashford, a second cousin of William.

Thomas won The Victoria Cross.

His medal is held in his regimental museum in The Tower Of London. In two wee's time my grandson, Adam, and I are going to London to see the medal.

In my story QUANTUM MECHANICS A TRILOGY OF TIME TRAVEL I combine William and Thomas into one character.

Again this story is available on my WEBSITE and as an e-book download on AMAZON.

I hope that William and Thomas would approve of the way I have told the story.

But that is only one part of the trilogy, the second of three tales.

If you read my diary and listen to some of the music I play on YouTube you will know that I am not a fan of Radio One - I call it Radio MINUS One and accuse it of destroying the once great British Pop Music Industry.

Bring back the pirate radio stations, the like of Radio Caroline, that's what I say.  Put Radio Minus One out of business.

Eighteen months ago I fell off a ladder, broke three ribs and ended up in hospital.  There I scribbled a story which I called Radio Rock.  The ward sister came by one day and said: "What are you doing ?  Are you writing a book ?"  Actually YES I am !

In Radio Rock a wealthy individual finances a new pirate radio station which sets out to destroy Radio Minus One.

This is the first record played on Radio (Minus) One.  It sounded so much better when it was played on Radio Caroline.

Radio Rock became the first in my tie travel trilogy.

In the final story, which a reader may find a bit odd - odd but there is a method in my madness, I return to my youth and the time when I worked in Birmingham's giant Lewis's Department Store.

I have just published my Teenage Autobiography, again this is on my WEBSITE and as an e-book on AMAZON.

That autobiography is true from start to finish but in the time travel trilogy, in part three, I return to Lewis's and do not leave my management trainee role to become a teacher. Instead I become a member of the company's board of directors.

Well within Quantum Mechanics anything and everything is possible.

The trilogy concludes by planting within the reader's mind a question asking which three places and times would he like to visit.

Where and when would you like to travel to ?


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