Thursday, 13 April 2017

At McDonald's We Could Not Give A Stuff About Our Staff !

On Wednesday's blog I spoke with enthusiasm about three people who had put a smile on my day. One of these was a young lad at the drive through window of my local McDonald's. I made a big thing about McDonald's and said how fortunate the company was to have this guy on their team.  I used the McDonald's website to tell their Customer Service Department about my experience. 

Did they reply ?  Did they buggery !  

The guy above with the cheshire cat grin in CEO of McDonald's UK - Paul Pomroy. I e-mailed him personally on 12th April. 

Did he reply ?  Don't be silly !  

Shows how much McDonald's value their staff doesn't it ?

You need smile mate when your salary is what it is while that lad on the drive through window was earning the pittance you pay him !

If you are as angry about this as I am DO NOT boycott McDonald's,  That will only hurt the lad in the drive through and those like him  Get in contact and I'll give you the CEO at McDonald's e-mail, you can then tell him what you think.

YES, I will be adding this to my DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN. 

The very last thing that that I am or will ever be is a socialist but am I right or am I right when I say it is not the captains of industry, it is not the politicians, it is not the leaders of society who make a country great but its people.

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