Monday, 24 April 2017

A Mixed Bag Blog Today !

It's a mixed bag today.....

All of my persona egos will be having their say - The Gerriatric DJ, Max Robinson and The Patriotic Pensioner.

Numbers to the blog fell a bit yesterday, 29 readers with 22 people reading yesterday's page about FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY - I'll let Max talk about him in a moment.

Right now let's play some music.

Let's start of with my YouTube Channel's Tuesday Theme

My YouTube Channel now has almost 200 songs within it. Among the collections I have my favourite ten songs collected from my life.

This is NUMBER 10.  At the end of every school term we sang in assembly the school hymn and Lord Dismiss Us.  In July 1967 I sang this for the very last time. I walked out of the assembly, out of the school gates then turned round and put two fingers up to the whole establishment.  I was free !  Look out world here I come.

In the staff room people were celebrating the end of the year.  I am sure some raised a glass and said "Thank goodness that arrogant, self-opinionated young bastard has left !"

Perhaps tomorrow I will play you my personal number nine.

The picture says CLICK HERE - don't click on the picture but CLICK HERE !

It's Tuesday, well you know that of course, two days into the week. A week where I have set myself a target to find an illustrator for my stories and a JFDI guy to help promote them.



I have said, I am always saying, that I hated my time at school.  That's a bit strange for someone who ended up as a teacher. You can read my schoolboy autobiography in THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY.

This is one of three stories I want to re-write with an illustrator the represent to Amazon. The other two are THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING and PETER'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN PEN.

It's 5.20am as I am now writing this diary, in a couple of house I will be popping round to pick up my grandson and drive him to school. he is doing very well at school and I glow with pride at his achievements. He attends a damn good school which goes the extra mile to support its pupils.  It has just finished a series of after school classes designed to stretch the top three or four in each year group. FANTASTIC but was this all set up to support the kids or simply to raise the standard of the school in the SATS tests ? I have to be cynical, now the tests are pending these extra classes have stopped.

Still in my time at school stretching  the more able was something nobody had even thought of !

Mine was a generation which grew up without the threat of war looming over its head.

The aim of my school was to get us out into the workplace and make sure we all had jobs.

For my father's generation and that of his brother Flight Sergeant Billy it was exactly the same as it had been for the generation before them, my grandfather's generation, to prepare them to fight and to die for their country.

I love writing and loved writing Billy's story - AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY   What I do not enjoy is the editing process which comes after the writing.

I have started working on Billy's story and must finish it this morning.

I have started scribbling in my notebook the next Max Robinson story, I have set down the first one thousand or so words for another historical drama THE BRIDGE HOUSE.

This story takes my grandmother an puts her into the centre of the tale.  She was Billy's mother and my father's mother. She appears in my schoolboy autobiography. Her mother was a teacher, she ran the village school where the family lived.  I wish she had been my teacher, I wish she had been my headmistress. Undoubtedly she would have pushed me
far more than my teachers did to realise my potential. She would not have done it in the way my grandson's teachers have been doing, in the Victorian era teachers used alternative methods !

Here she is, Ema Bedson, my great-grandmother, headmistress of Madely School and Matriarch of The Bridge House. I don't think I would have wanted to be on the wrong side of her !

As I start my story of The Bridge House it is Wednesday 23rd January 1901. Joseph Bedson gathers his large family together to share the news that Her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria, Empress of India died the day before.  Joseph, Emma and all of their eight children had ever known a monarch other than Queen Victoria. A new future was dawning but what would that future bring.

Not a story I am intending to publish as an e-book on Amazon, it is an on-going project, is THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN.  Today I must make a diary entry.

I am worried about the forthcoming general election and need to share my worries.

I have a pet-name for the BBC -The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation.  I am worried about the biased way in which BBC News is reporting the party campaigns.  Of course the BBC is biased, it's part of he way they operate but they could doom our country to something quite terrible if the news editors do not stop what they are doing.

The BBC is so clearly campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn.  If he becomes prime minister our country will be plunged into the darkest hour in its long history.

I am wearing my PATRIOTIC PENSIONER hat now but am so worried that Corbyn may win power through a back door opened by The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation.


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