Friday, 24 March 2017

Who Killed Bambi ?


HEY - 29 fruiends read yesterday's blog.


I am busy working on the next page for my diary which should be on-line tomorrow.

As I write this page I am listening to my SILLY MUSIC collection on YouTube.  If there any typos that's because I am tapping my feet like crazy and the laptop is bouncing up and down in time to the music.

This morning I have added three more tunes to the collection.

So who did kill Bambi ?

My granddad took me to see that Walt Disney film when I was a kid.  I think if I took my grandson to see the film today he would kill me !

Last week-end he and I took this photograph to use in the story we are writing together. FIREBALL XL5

Adam, I promise I will write the glasses into the story this week-end.

These silly music tunes I am playing on YouTube are dedicated to my former students who have started to be my friends on facebook   Do you remember Leon Disco and how you used to groan when I pushed the student DJ off the deck, taking over and playing music like this ?

I am busy working on my teenage memories which, when finished, I will share with those who also worked at Lewis's Department Store in Birmingham.

Don't know about you but I am planning a fantastic week-end. Today my granddaughter, Katherine - she likes to be called Kate but I always call her Katherine, is coming to see me. When she finds Adam and I are writing a song together she will not be a happy young lady. She will flash her beautiful eyes at me, smile and say "What about me Granddad ?"

So listen to my silly music on YouTube  REMEMBER WHAT I AM ALWAYS SAYING



I am going to sign off with one more item from YouTube - my own personal anthem (Nicked from The BBC)

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