Sunday, 5 March 2017

What is happening today ?

MONDAY - 6th March 2017 - Check out what I am up to during the day. I will update this blog entry as the day progresses.

No I have not been abducted by aliens. That is not why I did not make any blog entries over the week-end. I have been so busy working on my Amazon story publishing area that I have done little else.

I thought I would try to make my Blogger entries a bit different with a blow by blow update on my day. Let's give it a try with today.

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2.45am woke up with an aching back, sciatica giving me the jip ! Not awake enough to get out of bed and take a pain killer so dozed.

4.30am got out of bed and came to the laptop.

5am updated and published my new DIARY There's a damn bug in the system somewhere. The Though4Today feature is not running properly !

5.10am sorted it. Have no idea if was the computer being a pain in the rear end or my still being half asleep.

5.17am Jake's Doggie Blog has been updated.

5.25am I've been posting on TWITTER - just added today's fun poll, Are you following me ?

I try to post a fun poll each day, don't always manage it but this is today's

5.50am I have updated my profile on PATREON

5.55am Time to get dressed and take my best friend Jake for a walk. I'll be back to update
this page later in the morning.

7.20am Back again with a quick update before I start the school run and take my two grandsons to school.

I have taken Jake for his morning walk and have posted an ADDENDUM to his blog. Oh Dear Dear Me !  Jake you have been a naughty boy !

8.45am I am back from the school run. Have you been looking at the story FIREBALL XL5 I am writing for my grandson Adam ?

Adam was supposed to have drawn some pictures to illustrate the story but NO he has not done that. What he has done is to come up with a load of ideas for the next chapter in the story. I've a busy day ahead of me today but I need to try to take these ideas of Adam's and work them into the story.

My wife wants to go out and but a new television set, I suggested we wait until after the traffic rush and pop to John Lewis at half past nine. I will then try to work on Adam's ideas a bit before I go to pick him up from school.

What i want to do between now and half past nine is to work on editing my story PETER'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN PEN  ready to add that to my story shelf on Amazon.

I'll update this blog later in the morning.

Speak again soon.

9.15am I have now checked, proof read and corrected the first three of eight chapters.  I'll work some more later.

4.30pm  Where has the day gone ? Sorry that's a dreadful cliche isn't it ?  

I spent a few hours in the garden sorting out light on my patio, that was a nightmare I can tell you but I won't bore you.

I actually finished editing Peter's Magic Fountain Pen and will publish it to Amazon before I go to bed. 

So time to unwind and enjoy my evening. Let me conclude today's blog with some beautiful music. Speak again tomorrow.

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