Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Thumbs Up Tuesday

TUESDAY 28th March 2017

Hey Thank Yiou to those who read yesterday's blog - the page hit 42 - brilliant.  Friends in UK, USA and France had a read.

Don't forget I also write a diary, my new weekly page is now on-line so CLICK HERE and check me out.

I have been neglecting TWITTER, my followers are down to 17k, the lowest the numbers have been for weeks and weeks and weeks ! I need to put up a few more messages.  Are YOU FOLLOWING ME by the way ? I have just put this up.

Do you like it ?

I am fiercely patriotic, I am The Patriotic Pensioner of course. I am a member of UKIP but the party does drive me crackers at times.  I love my country and love it with a passion but I hate what some people have done to it and what many would seek to do. This lady, I use the word generously, particularly pisses me off !

In my ARROGANT OPINION everyone should be proud of their country and everyone should seek to make where they live a better place for all.

At my age it is not a good idea to wish away the days but I can not wait to be rid of this hideous European Union.  I hope I live long enough to see the whole rotten edifice collapse and disappear.

Right - now I've got that off my chest let me tell you what is happening in my corner of this wonderful world of ours. This facebook thing is in danger of becoming addictive. I am
working like crazy typing up my braistorm of notes for the two years, July 1967 to August 1969, I spent as a trainee in Lewis's, Birmingham. Today I plan to put up a couple of things on the Lewis's facebook page. The memories are like entering a time machine.  I do believe that time travel is possible you know. It is scientifically possible.
If you read my story THE GREAT PRETENDER you will see how I take the theory of quantum mechanics, wrap it round with my vivid imagination and the license any writer has permission to use.

Perhaps a better story from my library to explain the theory is my TIME TRAVEL TRILOGY  (BLOGGER I wish you would soirt your damn formatting tools out on this site - you are driving me nuts !) 5.45am - ime for me to go and have a bath, get dressed Then take the dogs for a walk - Yeh dog (s) plural. My daughter's dog, Lucy, is staying with us while her Mum, my daughter, is in hospital. then when I come back I'll be off to take my grandson, Adam, to school. THEN I'll come back and finish writing today's entry.

So in cyber speak - BRB or in proper English - hang on a moment. While you wait have a listen to this stupid song.

OK BACK. 8.30am.

Two dogs walked. Grandson taken to school and I even found time to go to McDonald's for breakfast. How's that for the day.  Here's a pic Adam took of me when I picked him up. You can see what he wrote on facebook  If you are reading this blog you are welcome to become a friend. HEY GEEKS AT BLOGGER YOUR WEBSITE FORMATTING IS REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF !  Sorry my to readers, I know I need a new paragraph but the words will not wrap round the picture properly so I am rambling on until I move down the page.
Like this !

In the car Adam told me what he wants me to write for the next part of the story we are working on  together - FIREBALL XL5

Adam says I am not allowed to add the story to my e-books on Amazon but I will get round him. On Friday Amazon will be paying me my royalties for the month. (OH THIS STUPID BLOGGER WEBSITE FORMATTING - damn Geeks don't they get on your nerves !)  So Amazon pay me on Friday, Saturday I will be spending the money. I know exactly what I plan to do withe the cash.  I will tell you in a future blog what I will be doing. For now just remember what the date will be on Saturday,
Have a great day.


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