Monday, 13 March 2017

Today it is Tuesday !


So here we are on Tuesday. I am going to be away from the laptop for much of today so am actually writing this blog page on Monday afternoon. Before I vanish in the morning I will update my DIARY.

Google tells me that I now have readers from two new countries checking out my web pages, diary and stories. GREAT - welcome.

Six months ago I would have said I was completely of the wrong generation to make social media work, well I have Twitter doing OK don't I ?  More than seventeen thousand followers so must be doing something right. I am guessing it is Twitter that found the friends in two more countries.

If I can make Twitter work for me then surely I can crack the dreaded Facebook ! Don't leave me lonely and feeling unwanted, become a friend.

YouTube - now that is something I most certainly have become addicted to ! More than 120 videos on-line right now. I say MORE THAN as I am likely on Monday evening to add more to the 127 on the list when I type up this blog entry. I have just added another piece of music to my STRAUSS COLLECTION.

I am waiting for the New York Metropolitan Opera to ban me after my recent critique of its La Traviata performance on TrustPilot.  One heck of a lot of people read what I had to say.

Yes, I have social media working well for me.

My Twitter Fun Poll from yesterday was pretty conclusive. So now we know what Her Majesty was reading on her Kindle.

Maam I hope you enjoyed my story QUANTUM MECHANICS.

Thanks Harry for directing your Gran to look at this.

I am struggling a bit with my latest story - THE FIRES OF HELL. I need to get out and about, to visit some specific locations in order to research some information. I am not getting into the mood for things to flow easily.

Today I have a series of meetings in Oxford, that's why I will be away from my laptop. I will, however, have my notebook and pen with me and will be trying to move the story along. Right now I am stuck in the introduction. 

I need to get in the car and drive here. This is supposedly a satanic meeting place where people say they can feel the evil emanating from the ruined and concentrated church. Probably all mumbo jumbo but if I get the feeling or not the location will give me some inspiration.

I may be able to dive over there on Tuesday next week but my diary is a bit full until then.

I am rambling - sorry. Back to social media. My success with Twittering Facebook will be determined by how many people check my stories out on Amazon. Driving traffic is what this week is all about so do me a favour and have a look.

And with that I'll shut up.

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