Wednesday, 8 March 2017

OWCH ! I am still alive. (I think)


UPDATED 3.30pm

4.40am - Sixty years ago I went to the dentist to have two of my baby teeth removed. It was a terrible experience and I can still vividly remember it. I was given a general anesthetic and can clearly remember the dream I had. Unfortunately I was not given a strong enough dose so woke up with the dentist's hands in my mouth !

In the six decades that followed I managed my life very well without needing to return to the dreaded dentist's chair. However, things in the autumn of my life have got into a mess. Big time.

Seeking the advice of my local dentist, a lovely lady, I yesterday underwent major treatment to have ALL of my upper teeth and one from my lower jaw removed. While my mouth this morning feels a mess the experience could not have been more different to that of my childhood.

Yes, I am alive and things ca only get better.

I did not really know what to expect when I was sedated but projected my thoughts forward to make the dentist's chair my portal to travel into a different dimension. My story QUANTUM MECHANICS - A TIME TRAVEL TRILOGY is now available as an e-book on Amazon.

I am changing my on-line story library so Amazon becomes the primary location for my writing although I will revise my own website to provide a free library shelf.

Yesterday I finished my latest work THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT and have just submitted this to Amazon. It should be live on their megasite within the next few hours. I'll tell you when it is.

This is also a trilogy of short stories with Thames Valley Police's Major Incident Team dealing with a serial killer in ANGELS OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, a kidnapping in McDERMOTT'S NEXT CASE and something totally off the wall with a deranges rapist in PORNSTAR KRATH.

I have set each story in locations I know. In a few weeks time I plan to take my camera and drive round to the locations forming a gallery of images I can put on-line for my readers to check out.

I have just one more story to edit and publish on Amazon - THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING.

If you want to check my Amazon Library these are what you can find, so far, on the shelf:

I can now work on my next story and a new genre for me THE FIRES OF HELL.

OK,  it's now 4.25am and my eyes are dropping.  I think I will go back and grab an hour more sleep.

I will update this blog during the course of the day.

5.30am Time to start the day proper !

I've added today's FUN POLL to TWITTER

Follow me and vote.

10.30am How's your morning going ?

I have added two more songs to my YouTube Birthday Collection.

3.30pm I have just received an e-mail from Amazon to tell me that my book THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT has been approved and published.

I have spent much of today editing my story THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING. Before I close the laptop for the day I will submit it to Amazon, all being well it will be on-line first thing tomorrow.

So to close the day let me bring you my selection of beautiful music for your evening.

Speak again tomorrow.


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