Tuesday, 28 March 2017

National Remoaners Day


Yesterday 23 people read this blog. HI to you all and THANKS for dropping by.

Today is an important day, it is Britain's very first NATIONAL REMOANERS DAY so let's celebrate shall we.

Today we tell the EU where it can stick its anti democratic dictatorship.

Did you see the picture my grandson took of me yesterday and added to facebook
Adam you wait until I get round to your house later this morning to take you to school ! It's not the picture that's the problem but the comment he wrote about my hat !

(Blogger, owned by Google, you are really getting on my xxxxx with the bugs in the system ! Your formatting tool is totally NAF.)

Now speaking of facebook. I belong to the Lewis's Group where I have been recalling my youth and brainstorming memories of the two years I spent as a management trainee in this giant Birmingham department store.  Yesterday I posted this on the page:

CEDRICK AND THE GUY FROM CROSSROADS - something I remember from 1967

The mens electric shaver department on the first floor was looked after by Credick. As well as selling shavers he also took them in for repair. It was a busy counter. One day a customer cam in to buy a shaver. He chose what he wanted then proceeded to pay by cheque. Mo cheque guarantee cards back then so Cedrick asked him for his driving license to prove who he was.
"Don't you know who I am ?" The young man said, somewhat indignantly.
"No," Cedick replied.
"I am an actor.  I play the part of Sandy Richardson in Crossroads."
Crossroads was a TV soap opera.
"Oh I don't watch that rubbish," Cedrick told him. "Now do you have a driving license so I can get your cheque authorised ?"
I'll be posting more today.

Now I want to introduce you to someone new:

When I write my e-book stories my pen name is Max Robinson. For my Diary I am The Patriotic Pensioner. I have decided to take on a THIRD personality for the music I play on my YouTube Channel - let me introduce you to THE GERIATRIC DJ.

Let this blog have a daily feature to take at least a few readers away from Radio MINUS One.

Today I am going to start off my playing the tune Radio Minus One first played when this dreadful radio station came on the air on Saturday 30th September 1967.

Now something ti celebrate National Remoaners Day.

And finally one of my favourite pieces of music from those wonderful days of my youth.

As a randy teenager I had the hots for the singer of this, the first time the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest. VICTORY IN EUROPE.  Today we celebrate another victory in Europe - National Remoaners Day.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and Happy Remaoners Day. Speak again tomorrow.


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