Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Krath The Pornstar

I am changing the title of the third Detective McDermott story. Calling it The Highwayman Rapist did not work but I think KRATH THE PORNSTAR will.

There is a hint in the title as to the way the plot will develop.

I'll leave it there for now !

Most of my day yesterday was spent editing a second book to add to Amazon.

THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY is now available for you to read on your Kindle or what ever.

I have spent most of my week so far editing text to add the two books I now have on Amazon.  Today I'll take a break and get down to some new writing.

My mind is bursting with plot ideas for Detective Inspector Dave McDermott and his team as he seeks out the evil Krath.

The weather forecast today is OK - not good or fine but OK. I want to take a break from the laptop to spend a couple of hours in the garden, particularly in my veg plot. Today I want to plant some broad beans and potatoes. I do not have green fingers but these are two things I can manage to grow. Jake will be with me and will make a blog entry when we come back inside.

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