Tuesday, 7 March 2017

It is going to be a Weird Wednesday for me


I have in all of my life taken drugs. Today, however, could become an exception. NOTHING ILLEGAL I assure you but I am going to the dentist this morning to have some major surgery. I will be receiving what is called conscious sedation. 

The way everything is described I think I will be going for a ride with Lucy in the sky with diamonds !

I am told that I will not fully be aware of what is happening even though I will be awake. When the surgery is over I will probably not remember anything that happened. Then for anything up to twenty-four hours my judgement will be impaired.

My laptop will need to be closed so I do not write gibberish and publish it all over the Internet. Therefore, the updating blog format I have been using over the past couple of days will have to be set aside at least for today and possible also tomorrow.

So this is going to be a single sheet blog today. I personally need this morning's theme to make sure my day goes well !

So a bit of an update.

JAKE'S DOGGIE BLOG has been updated so do please have a look.

The third case for Detective Inspector Dave McDermott is drawing to a close. This is a weird case with a very strange criminal for the team to apprehend.

I am not going to rule out further adventures for Dave and his team but for now this will be a trilogy. I am keen to get this on to Amazon. I'll not be finishing it today but it should be concluded and available as an e-book by the end of the week.

My time travel trilogy uses dental sedation as the portal to a parallel universe. It will be interesting to see what happens to me today as I lay back in the dentist's chair and relax under heavy sedation !

Once I have my crime trilogy finished and published I want to work on something totally different,

As an older teenager it was the writing of Dennis Wheatley that fascinated me. I want to try my hand with some black magic words in what I will be calling THE FIRES OF HELL.

Well I'll leave things there for today. HOPEFULLY I will be back tomorrow. Think of me as I ride with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

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