Sunday, 19 March 2017

I need to give myself a kick up the backside !

MONDAY 20th MARCH 2017

Do you read my DIARY ? There is a new edition published today if you would care to TAKE A LOOK.

Here's my Thought4Today. One person who really, truly needs to take notice of that is Yours Truly. I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the past three days, feeling poorly has made me feel sorry for myself so today I am going to perform with physical dexterity which would amaze any aficionado of yoga and give myself an almighty kick up the backside. Kinky !

From my YouTube Channel the theme for today is TOP OF THE WORLD and that, my friends, is EXACTLY where I intend to be today.

When I crawl out of bed in the morning the first thing I do is come to my laptop and check the stats for the various areas of my web pages and see who has read my diary and stories. Doing that this morning I almost forgot to check my Amazon stats. Better do it I suppose ! When I looked at the graph never mind a kick up the backside a rocket fired and took me right up to the top of the world.

TWENTY - EIGHT people, no I lie - TWENTY - NINE people read my stories on Amazon yesterday.


Have you seen my story library ? CHECK IT OUT HERE - all FREE to read.  Only if you enjoy what is there do you need to pop into Amazon and buy an e-book.

My writer's pen has so much to do today.

My best friend JAKE is not happy that I have not added an entry to his BLOG for more than two weeks.  Yesterday I took a series of new photographs of him in action so will be making an entry for him today.

Yesterday my grandson, Adam, came round to help me work on the story he and I are writing together - FIREBALL XL5 so I have stacks of work to do there.

Here's Adam working away yesterday. I did share this on YESTERDAY'S BLOG if you missed the report.

Adam found these 3D glasses so we have to think of a way to write them into the story.

Today Jake and I have to plan a photo expedition we will be taking tomorrow for my story writing.

I want to go to the disused and supposedly frequented by satanists, church in Clophill. I want to soak up the atmosphere and write it into the first chapter of my new story THE FIRES OF HELL.  

I have made a start on chapter two which features another location not far away from where I live - HANSLOPE PARK.   Everyone thinks that the headquarters of the British Secret Service is in London on the banks of the River Thames. That is just what the secret squirrels want you to think !  The truth is is the real place where our spy network is controlled is Hanslope Park.

I want to take some pictures but need to be really careful, I do not want to be arrested and prosecuted under The Official Secrets Act ! So any colleague of James Bond who is reading my blog TAKE NOTE - I will be outside Hanslope Park tomorrow just to soak up the atmosphere for my story.

Back to Cliophill for a moment.

There is a layby not far from the village which was the scene of the James Hanratty murder, Hanratty was one of the last people in Britain to be executed for murder. His case and the location feature in my CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT story.  James Hanratty is also going to feature briefly in THE FIRES OF HELL.

Then before Jake and I head home, that is if James Bond has not arrested us at Hanslope Park,  I want to take some pictures of a railway bridge.  This features in  CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT  

Today I need to plan this photo expedition, can't leave the route
entirely to the satellite navigation system in my car can I ?

So with all that on the agenda for today I can not wimp  about  feeling  sorry  for myself can I ?

So today is going to be a fantastic day.

When it comes to this evening I will relax to another piece of music from my YouTube Channel.

Oh and by the way, that tune features in another of  MY STORIES !

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