Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I am now an Amazon published author

It took me most of yesterday to work though a complex Amazon system but I got there in the end. My story THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE is now an Amazon publication , both as an e-book download and as a paperback.

It will cost you £1.99 for a copy from which I get something like one pound thirty or so. Writing is my hobby so I am not publishing with Amazon to fill my pockets but it will be interesting to see how many people buy the book.

Billy Hardcastle is not, by a long way, my best story.  I deliberately chose this to test the waters of the Amazon. If people buy this they will buy anything !  As the author my critique would be to say that while the plot is sound the development of the characters is less than it should be. The plot is unbelievable but possible. The way I have chosen to tell the story is unique but under-developed in its outworking.

Well that's probably put you off reading the story !

I am now working to add my schoolboy autobiography to Amazon.  I had hoped this would be available today but being realistic tomorrow or even Friday.

My school days were not happy days, they were a waste of time. Throughout the memoir you will read how I describe the teaching as monochrome.  It was.

Once I have this story on Amazon I will rewrite my Time Travel Trilogy - I want to beef up the last chapter which lets the rest of the book down. I also want to change the ending of the first chapter.

It had been my intention to start publishing on Amazon with my two childrens stories THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING and PETER'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN PEN but these can wait a little while. I want first to establish myself as an adult writer.

The story I most want to publish and the story I am sure will be the most popular on Amazon I am still writing. There are two stories - ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST and McDERMOTT'S NEXT CASE.  I am busy writing the third. THE HIGHWAYMAN RAPIST. I am not happy with that title and may well change it.

The three stories will come together in a trilogy of cases for Detective David McDermott. When I write the characters become real to me, sometimes the characters stand behind me and whisper into my ear telling me what to write, how to develop the story line and those within it. In my third story a character from the second, Jimmy McDermott, last night whispered into my ear with a brilliant idea for the third story.

Do you recognise this ?

I doubt you do. It's just another railway bridge.

It is less than twelve miles away from where I life.  I plan to go there within the next few days and to take my camera with me.

Let me give you a hint.

Here's another view of the bridge.

Any clearer ?

How about this ?

Now do you understand ?

In my story the criminal is collecting trophies from his victims. The whisper fictitious Jimmy Rowley spoke into my ear yesterday was how these trophies were not only physical items taken from the victims but also trophies in the settings of the crimes. Bridego Bridge, the location of The Great Train Robbery is one trophy.

This is James Hanratty who in 1962 was hung for murder. I remember, as an eleven year old, the news reports of his execution in Bedford Prison.

On the right is Deadman's Hill, the scene of the murder.  I remember that clearly being reported as well.

Deadman's Hill is, according to my sat nav, is eighteen miles away. My camera will be making a visit there within the next few days.

Yes the dark character within my story will be setting one of his crimes there on Deadman's Hill.

I need to find a third infamous site to conclude the story before Detective Inspector David McDermott and his team catch up with and arrest a certain Patrick Bridges.

I hope these three stories combined into a single book will prove popular on Amazon.

So I guess I had better shut up and get writing.

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