Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hello to my readers

HELLO to my readers.

On Wednesday I had readers for my blog in seven different countries of the world. That's encouraging.

I thought I would make this blog post and say HI to you all.


So my name is DAVID but I write under the pen-name of MAX ROBINSION. My DIARY is composed using the name THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER. A pensioner I am and patriotic I am within every fibre of my being.

A pensioner I am, an OLD AGE pensioner - I will be 67 in November.

I use this picture on all of my website pages and have developed it as a logo for my writing.  YES, it is me but the picture is now fifty years old !

This is what I look like today.

When I was approaching my seventeenth birthday, round about the time the pic on the right was taken, I began to develop an interest in writing. I dreamed of becoming an international best seller.

That dream has never left me. I am a prolific writer but not, sadly, an international best seller.

My stories are read internationally but not sold internationally - there is a difference. When I taught creative writing I always said to my students that the important thing, the main enjoyment, was to actually put the words into an order to tell the story and develop the characters. It did not matter at all if anyone read what was written. the writer wrote for himself and NOT for the reader. If someone then did read the story and enjoyed what it had to say that was a bonus.

That remains true within my philosophy, of course it does but we all have an ego and we all like to have our ego given a little stroke and a kiss. 

When I check my reader statistics and see lots of people have read my work I get excited. When I see not many make up the numbers I feel a bit flat.

I have added stories to my OWN LIBRARY WEBSITE of course but last week also added them to Amazon as e-book downloads. For those who are members of KindleUnlimited reading my work is FREE. For a standard download it costs the princely sum of £0.99 which in US$ terms is about $0.60c. Amazon then take a big commission leaving me with 35% of the cover price. I am not going to get rich but my ego could become wealthy if it knew tens of thousands of people were seeking Max Robinson on Amazon.
Would you like to give my ego a tickle ? I've added a few titles here:

Could I tempt you to click these links and have a look ?  If you are a member of KindleUnlimited download the stories. It won't cost you anything, I make no money but my ego would love it.  If you are feeling incredibly generous then YEH pay2download but do not feel obliged.

So thanks for reading my BLOGGER entry, you make sure you have a fantastic day.

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