Thursday, 9 March 2017

FRIDAY 10th MARCH 2017

Yesterday 25 people read my blog - THANKS - how many will read today's scribble  ?

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5.45am  I do not want to sound like a wimp but my mouth is so uncomfortable following my having 10 teeth removed at the dentist on Wednesday. I am going for a check up this morning but reading the notes the surgeon gave me it is recommended I take five days off work. I am The Patriotic Pensioner so do not go to work in the traditional sense. Rather than take time off these days of wimpish recovery are allowing me to spend more time at my laptop. 

Yesterday I added my story THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING to Amazon so now all of my books are to be found there.

A quick round up of my library shelf:

I haven't yet started to promote readers on Amazon but people are starting to find me:

I have actually sold two e-books in the five days they have been on-line while two hundred people were members of KindleUnlimited so got to read them for free !

I am not particularly worried about making money, although it would not be turned away, what gives me the buzz is knowing people are reading my work.

Before I start to seriously promote my writing on Amazon I would like to be able to dedicate each book to a different person. 

To do this I have set up a profile on PATREON

Would you like me to dedicate one of these books to you ?  CHECK ME OUT ON PATREON.

OK I'll leave things at this point for the moment. I will come and update the page during the day. Allow me to leave you with my choice of music to help make your Friday FANTASTIC.

Speak again soon:

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