Saturday, 25 March 2017

Fandabidozie !

SUNDAY 26th MARCH 2017

Good morning everyone. Is the sun shining where you are.

It's still dark here. The clocks went forward last night to British Summer Time and someone forgot to tell the sun.

THANK YOU to the 37 people from round the world who read my blog yesterday. My DIARY for next week is on-line so if you have nothing better to do and fancy being BORED THIS SUNDAY - have a read.

I have added something new to my YouTube Channel:

I hope this is watched by billions of people and really pisses Nicola off !

Wouldn't that be FANDABIDOZIE ?

I am counting down to next Saturday - April Fools Day.

Please note I have added myself into this gallery.  I would rather be regarded as a fool than be like any of the others here included.

HEY - did you know that yesterday was the 50th birthday of the European Union ? Did you send a birthday card ?  I did.

Now that is FANDABIDOSIE !

Have a fantastic day.

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