Friday, 10 February 2017

When Is Your Birthday ?

When is your birthday ? 


When people ask me my date of birth I always reply by saying - Third of November 1950 - UNFORTUNATELY ! With an emphasis in my voice of the word unfortunately.

A few weeks ago I was asked to confirm my date of birth for a hospital test and gave the nurse the required information. She responded by saying my medical records had my year of birth down as 1980 and not 1950. Correcting her and explaining my age she said - ARE YOU SURE ?  I could have kissed her.

I am, of course, THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER and will be 67 years old on my next birthday. That is me on the left, picture taken fifty years ago. Heck don't I look good ?  I now use this image as my logo across all of my websites and story writing.

The picture above is what I look like these days. Now that is scary.

Hold all of that in mind for a moment will you while I dash off aat a tangent.

 A year ago I was a complete social media moron. Twitter for me was something TWITS did but now I have 16,500 followers and never TWEET less than 20 messages a day.  ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ?

YouTube, I am now addicted to this. I have so many tunes on my channel I have lost count.

Trying to think of a new collection for my channel I have come up with a brilliant idea, at least I think it is brilliant.

I have been researching which song was Number One in the UK charts on my birthday, each birthday since the day I was born. Organising and publishing that lot will keep me bust for a while. At the moment I have just the song which was top of the pops on the day I was born.

OMG it's horrible. He he he !

It isn't until my 5th birthday when Buddy Holly was topping the charts with That'll Be The Day that anything good surrounded my special day. When that youthful photograph was taken the number one for my birthday was THE FOUNDATIONS singing BABY NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU.

If you are curious about your birthdays CHECK THIS OUT.

So keep checking my YouTube Channel for more of my Birthday Hits.

With that I will leave you with SATURDAY'S Theme To make Your day Go Well.

Have a fantastic one.

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