Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What's happening ?

How's things going in your part of the world ?  Are you having a good time ?

I'm away from home spending some time with my two lovely grand daughters. Yesterday the oldest, who is only five, took me to a climbing centre. What an incredible place that was !  I just had to post a review on Trust Pilot  We also went to Burger King for a bite to eat where she asked for a cheese burger. When she started picking at it I asked if she liked it or not to which she replied - I like my cheese burger without cheese ! There's a review of Burger King on Trust Pilot as well.

On the story front I have started work on something new. McDermott's Next Case. This follows on from my Angels Of The Anti Christ tale.

My best friend Jake is getting a bit cross with me for not finishing his story. I did write a few hundred words for it yesterday.

We are returning home today then tomorrow Jake's girlfriend Lucy Dog is coming to stay for a week while my daughter and her husband fly off to the sun. We are in for a week of doggie romance. 

Check the blog and I will tell you what happens !

So now time for Thought4Today..................


So have a good one. Speak again tomorrow.

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