Monday, 6 February 2017

Tuesday's News

My aim is to have 100 page views a day of my blog. Not doing very well am I ?  Only SEVEN yesterday. Let's see if we can do better today !

So to start the day off here's my selection of MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR DAY GO WELL.

Take that theme with you all day and have a wonderful one.  REMEMBER it takes more muscles to frown and be sad than it does to smile and be happy.

CHAPTER TWO of my story, Angels of the Anti Christ is now on-line. 

I would consider it a great favour if you wanted to have a read.

I woke up at 2am this morning and thought through a whole series of ideas for the rest of the story. There will be another three chapters before the identity of the serial killer is finally revealed. There will then be an unexpected twist in the ending of the tale. I am planning to finish writing by the end of the month.

Today is my day for donating a pint of blood, there is always a bit of sitting about and waiting for my turn so I plan to take my notepad with me and will be working on the third chapter.

On the subject of reading - have you read the latest page in my DIARY ?

On TWITTER I run a daily FUN POLL

I like to poke fun at those who invite fun to be poked at them.

Yesterday my victim was politician Dianne Abbott who, last week, brought nationwide ridicule upon herself.

Poor lady - he he he !

The result of the poll was quite unanimous.

Today I am enjoying making fun of the biggest fool in British Politics.............

Just follow me on TWITTER and vote.

I am a great fun of Amazon. I tend to make an average of two purchases a week. Yesterday I waved my debit card at the site to buy a DVD of The Bolshoi Ballet's Swank Lake production.

I am still buzzing over the performance I went to watch at the week-end.  I plan to add music from this to my next YOU TUBE collection AND................

I am going to weave this into the next chapter of my story.

So that's what's happening here at my end of the blog.  I do hope at your end you have a super, fun day. Take the theme with you and have a wonderful Tuesday.

Speak again tomorrow.

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