Monday, 20 February 2017

Time to make TUESDAY special - what am I up to today ?

Take this music with you and make sure you have a HAPPY DAY

What have you got planned for your Tuesday ?

It's 4.30am here, I always get up early and spend time at my laptop before I get into the day. At 6am I will take my best friend Jake for his morning walk, Right now he is still sleeping at the bottom of my bed. When I get back I will take Lucy for a walk. Lucy is Jake's girlfriend, the dog belonging to my daughter and her husband. Lucy is staying with us while my daughter and her husband are off sunning themselves in the Canary Islands. Right now Lucy is also sleeping at the bottom of my bed. I hope she and Jake are not getting up to any hanky panky !

When I told friends and supporters yesterday of the story Jake and I are writing together there was a lot of interest. Have a look at JAKE'S STORY  I updated this yesterday to introduce Lucy. On Wedneday 1st March Jake's Doggie Blog will be returning to my story library so do look out for this. Have a look at JAKE'S STORY. This Blogger site is a good thing but some times the formatting on the page goes a bit weird ! It could be because I am still half asleep or it could be the geeks managing the site are in overdrive but it will not let me format paragraphs properly. No it's not my English Grammar that is up the creek, I know there is more than one paragraph in this paragraph if you know what I mean.

Once the dogs have had a walk and I've had a bite of breakfast I'll be driving round to my son's house to take his son, my grandson, Adam to school. I am a bit nervous about this today. Coming up to age seven Adam is a sharp young man, his sense of humour is something I love but if they gave school medals for sarcasm Adam would win gold.
He knows I am writing a story for him - FIREBALL XL5, this morning I am going to give him the introduction I have written and see what he thinks about it. If you hear nothing more about this story, if I go quiet on the blog, you will know Adam thinks it is rubbish. If he gives his thumbs up then expect me to bang on about is for days !

Yesterday I wrote a few hundred more words for my story McDermott's Next Case. I am flattered that so many people are following this crime adventure flowing from the end of my pen. Yesterday I left the story where Detective Sergeant Dave McDermott said to his colleagues that kidnap victim seventeen year old Jimmy McDermott was trying to get a message to them via the photographs the kidnappers had sent with the ransom note. McDermott said he did not understand what the message meant. Yesterday, as the writer I didn't either. When I awoke this morning I had it and also had the next thousand or two words ready to add to the tale.

If you are following it I'll just say the message kidnapped Jimmy is trying to send out to those who will, hopefully, come and rescue him lays within the tontine he and his friends have set up. I told you Blogger's formatting tools are up the creek !  It keeps telling me I have not spelt tontine incorrectly - I HAVE NOT.


Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon,
The virgin sturgeon is a very fine fish.
The virgin sturgeon needs no urging,
That's why caviar is my dish !

The clue to aid McDermott in solving this case is within these lines. I'll not give any more away.

So that's my day today. I plan to have a good one and hope you do as well. When it comes to the end of the day use my relaxing theme for Tuesday.

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