Saturday, 18 February 2017

This is my blog. Have you read my diary ?

Thank you for reading my blog, each morning I check to see how many friends have read what I said the day before. My aim is to reach one hundred page views a day, yesterday was 37 so I have a way to go yet.

Once a week I publish my DIARY which is a large celebration of that which is good while naming and shaming that which is not.

It also gives news for my story writing. Can I take a moment of your time to share a few things on that subject ?

I will be seeing my grandson tomorrow, I take him to school each Monday. I will tell him about my idea for a story involving him.

I will give him the introduction to FIREBALL XL FIVE and hope he approves.

He may be young but his wit is sharper than a razor - I hope he does not use it to make a cutting comment !

When I shared the idea for this story yesterday here on Blogger friends thought it was a good idea.


I am very busy writing the next crime solving activity for Detective Sergeant David McDermott. McDERMOTT'S NEXT CASE - as the story is progressing I have asked Cupid to help me with a sub plot.

I am really getting in to writing in this genre which, until very recently, was new to me.

Although this second crime busting tale featuring Dave McDermott is still new I have a third case waiting for my hero.

Today I must discipline myself and finish JAKE'S STORY which is something I am writing for my best friend.

It's almost time for me to take him for his morning walk but before I sign off and close the laptop I would like to tell you about a feature I have on my diary.

I want to find an illustrator to work with me and enhance my writing.

On my diary you will find an explanation of what I am hoping to find - I do not want a professional artist but someone who wants to have a bit of fun illustrating the stories I have fun writing.

By any chance could that be you or do you know someone who it may interest ?

Have a look at my DIARY 

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