Wednesday, 8 February 2017

THANK YOU and today's news

Let me start with today's theme from my MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR DAY GO WELL then I have a big THANK YOU to say.

Yesterday I had 29 friends read my blog. THANK YOU.  It was an important blog as I urged you, no matter where you are in the world, to be a blood donor.  If you missed the entry CLICK HERE    In a world too often dominated by politics it is the ordinary members of society, NOT the politicians, who make a country great. As a blood donor this is one little way you can support your fellow country men and women so helping to make your nation great. 

This is my grandson, the oldest of four grandchildren I am blessed with. Yesterday, sitting in the car on the way to school, he told me about a story he is writing in class called The Tunnel.

I am not a fan of the British state education system, it's never been good since the introduction of comprehensive education in the 1960's, Tony Blair then set about destroying it and David Cameron allowed the destruction to continue.


My grandson, who knows I am a writer, told me all about the way he was being taught in school to write a story. He spoke about the planning stages and explained Cold Writing as the draft and Hot Writing as the final edition. He told me the name under which he was writing, his own name as it happens, then said "That's alliteration".  Both his first and surnames begin with A.

He then spoke about figures of speech and said he had been taught about homophones. "Do you know what a simile is ?" I asked him.  "Of course was the reply". He then gave me examples.

Not to be outsmarted I said "How about onomatopoeia ?  That's a difficult one."  To my amazement his response was "No it's not, I know what onomatopoeia is." He then proceeded to give me examples.

My grandson will not be seven years old until May. Sure I am proud of him but the credit for his knowledge, for his sparkle and his razor-sharp wit which are turning into ability rests with the teachers in his school. If all schools in Britain were half as good as his how amazing our country would be.

It is too early to think what he may be when he grows up but if he decides ti be a writer he will be a far better one that I am.  

He has been asking me if he can read my latest story but I will not let him. It has violence and some adult themes in it. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday working on CHAPTER THREE and hope to finish it today.  Chapter Four, when I start writing, is going to be particularly violent, the violence allowing the team of detectives to find the serial killer. Everything will then be wrapped up in Chapter Four.

On the BOOKSIE WEBSITE this story, although it is still a work in progress, is my most popular tale.

I have four grandchildren, next week I am going to visit my two granddaughters, the oldest of whom loves to go to her ballet classes. Amazon yesterday delivered a DVD of The Bolshoi Ballet's 2015 production of Swan Lake. We are going to sit together and watch it. On my YouTube channel I have now added a collection of some of my favourite pieces of classical music as LIFE IS A BALLET SO POINT YOUR TOES.
The collection starts with The Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake.

Next week is Valentine's Day.  Do you know the song I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day ?  I don't think it would be fun if it was BUT I think the world would be great if it was VALENTINE'S every day.

I am starting to build up a collection of love songs which I plan to publish on YouTube ahead of Valentine's Day.  I am no longer a young man, much nearer being 70 now than 60, but these days are the happiest so far in my life. Have you listened to my anthem ?  The anthem of THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER ?

My TWITTER followers yesterday went up to 17.3k. WOW !  But I am struggling to get my blog here read. Yesterday was a good say with 29 friends checking out what I have to say.

I have set myself a series of targets to build up my readership. Let's see what happens. So thank you for reading today's edition. You are welcome to e-mail me if you like, I would love to hear from you and to hear your news. I love a full e-mail inbox !
With that I guess I had better sign off for today. Make sure you have a good one.

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