Wednesday, 1 February 2017

News Update Wednesday 1st February

Pinch - Punch - First of the month !

Can you believe we are now into the second month of the year.  Gilbert and Sullivan in their opera Pirates of Penzance called FEBRUARY a BEASTLY MONTH.  Where here in England at 8am it's still dark outside and tiddling down with rain. The weather forecast is for some damn awful weather over the next few days. Typical Englishman, always talking about the weather ! LOL......

I've been meaning to add this to my YouTube Chanel for a few weeks but have just done it. Have a look.

While I write I am listening to my YouTube Collection - Music To Make Your Day Go Well - the weather can do what the hell it likes outside, I am happy and for me the sun is shining.

In a minute I'll brave the elements, go into the garden to feed the birds then I am going to sit at my laptop and have a creative day.

I am going to work on and finish the first chapter in my latest story ANGELS OF THE ANTICHRIST.

Then I am going to start working on a special story, something for my best friend Jake.

He is sitting on the settee close by.  Hang on I'll go and take a photograph of him.


There you go.

Jake came to live with my family three years ago. My daughter found him in a rescues centre and pestered me for weeks to adopt him. Eventually we gave in and popped along one Sunday afternoon. My wife immediately fell in love with him and so he came home.

I am going to tell his story and pop it into my library.

Well the music has stopped playing. I think I'll brave the rain, walk right down to the bottom of the garden and feed the birds.

When I come back I will start my creative day.

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