Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Max Robinson - The Thinking Man's Enid Blyton

Did you read Enid Blyton books when you were a child ?

Noddy in Toyland.....

The Famous Five........

The Secret Seven ..........


I once said that Jeffrey Archer was THE THINKING MAN'S ENID BLYTON. I don't think he was very flattered by this and the name did not stick !

OK - if this millionaire author does not want the title I will claim it for myself !

When I started to write my crime story ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST it was my first time in the genre.  I had no idea how it would turn out and I did not have the first idea how I would take to it. I have to say that I am really enjoying myself and can not stop scribbling into my notepad then relaxing in the evenings typing up the day's content.

Sometimes when I write it is as if the central character is standing behind me, tapping on my shoulder to make sure I take the plot in the direction he wishes me to go. So it has been with this story. However, a character who started out with a minor role has taken over to become the one about whom the story revolved. ACTING DETECTIVE SERGEANT DAVID

In an earlier blog I said I visualised the character as the actor who plays the leading part in a TV police drama. The character in this TV role is NOT my character of Dave McDermott but the face of the actor is the face of my character.

Does that make sense to you ?

When I started writing the story it was to be a one off crime tale but Dave McDermott has leaned over my shoulder and given me the entire plot for his next crime solving adventure.

I had thought I would finish the ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST by the end of the month, it is going to be finished by the end of the week !

I started to write a story about my best friend - Jake.  he is laying on the settee asleep beside me as I type this blog. I must finish his story, I owe it to him, then I will be back with more of Dave McDermott.

In many ways I think I am a bit like Enid Blyton. I write, I enjoy what I write, I finish a story and can not wait to move on to thee next. In terms of output I am not far behind dear old Enid.  

One difference.................

She made a fortune from her books, she was the J K Rowling of her day while I am not making a penny from mine.

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind !

I write for the fun of it so do not need the money. LOL.

Next week I am going to give one of my stories a go on AMAZON - not the anti christ tale with Dave McDermott
but my adult view on a child's life THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DI CENTRAL EATING.  If that works out OK who knows Dave McDermott and his crime busting may well follow.

I have to confess that Detective Sergeant David McDermott has also whispered in my ear that he would like to be the main character in his own TV police drama series. Dream on Dave. Why don't you go and whisper in the ear of a TV producer, see if you can make yourself famous !

If you do I will split the royalties with you !

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