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Make homelessness illegal and bring back the workhouse

Make homelessness illegal and bring back the workhouse

Oh I bet that has caught your attention hasn't it.

I am firmly in favour of making homelessness illegal.  Illegal and bring back the workhouse. Sadly I doubt there is a political party of any persuasion with the courage to make this one of their policies.

With seventeen thousand followers on Twitter I suppose it was inevitable that it would happen. Yesterday I received my first negative comment for a tweet I posted.

I popped this image on to Twitter.

In the summer months I love to see my garden filled with birds and to wake up to the dawn chorus. In the winter it can be very hard for these tiny creatures. Each week I spend about £25 to buy food to put out in the garden for them.

In response to my tweet someone said I should stop concerning myself with the birds and start feeding the homeless. I wouldn't do that !  The birds have no control over their destiny, it is not their fault if they are hungry. A homeless person is homeless not because of destiny but because they allowed life to make them homeless.


Make homelessness illegal and bring back the workhouse

I hope you are still reading, have not closed this blog down and vowed never to read what I say again.  If that you have read so far has made you angry then GOOD.

Read on................

Let me explain how we could eradicate this scourge from our society and turn round the fortunes of those who live on the streets.

YES - we do make being homeless against the law.

The laws of decency and humanity as well as the law of the land.

All homeless people are then scooped up and taken to a workhouse. It will be the responsibility of every local authorities up and down the nation to set up workhouses. These MUST be local authority operated - not by any commercial, profit making private company like G4S !

In the workhouse the former homeless will indeed work. In return for work they will be given warm, comfortable, secure accommodation in single rooms together with meals and personal counselling for as long as they need this support.  Staff will be on hand 24/7 to work with them and help them turn their lives around.

When ready the resident can leave the workhouse to be accommodated in his/her own council house home with a guaranteed job. Local authorities will be responsible for providing rented council accommodation - STUFF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - council houses NOT social housing.   A job will be guaranteed, there is plenty to be done picking up litter, scrubbing off graffiti, cleaning street signs etc. But such employment is just a start. Trained staff will be there to assess an individual's abilities then to arrange training until he/she is able to gain qualifications and follow a new career.  Each will realise their full potential.

Britain could be the first county to eradicate this problem. It could be achieved using this plan for a tiny fraction of the money our country has wasted on the failed European Union project. 

But do we want to eradicate homelessness ? 

Do our politicians have the courage and the will ? When Jeremy Corbyn injects adrenaline into his ego and makes homelessness the subject of a Christmas message does he seriously want to do anything about it ?  I don't think so.

1. Make Homelessness illegal in Britain.

2. Bring back the workhouse.

This could be achieved very quickly if there was a national will. But there isn't is there ?

If you agree with me then TWEET this blog address and get as many people to read it. Don't dismiss it by saying you do not live in Britain, I know most of my readers are in the USA. Do you have homeless people in your country ?  Do your politicians have a will to make it illegal ?

As you listen to my selection of MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR DAY GO WELL consider what I have just said.

Yesterday I started THOUGHT4TODAY..... here is Monday's thought.

When it comes to the end of the day and you listen to my choice of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TO END YOUR DAY will you be able to say YES I did that.

And with that I will end my blog entry - OH JUST ONE THING BEFORE I GO - my weekly diary is now on-line so PLEASE TAKE A LOOK

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