Saturday, 25 February 2017

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Sunday 26th February 2017

Yesterday David went to the supermarket and spent some money on a beautiful piece of beef. I could smell it the moment he brought the shopping into the car but when he started to cook it the whole house filled with the rich aroma of roast beef. David always cooks beef in the slow cooker the day before he and Maureen plan to eat it. It was torture having to smell that lovely meat and not being able to eat it.

At supper time David carved a slice to make a sandwich and test the beef. I followed him into the kitchen and begged. I would test it for him. I know just how to play David, Maureen is not quite so easy. He cut a second bit off the delicious meat and popped it into his mouth. I could have kissed him !

I watched him switch the slow cooker off and leave the pot to cool. I knew that in the morning, when it came to wash up, I would be there to help. David always lets me clean the bowl of the slow cooker. So after my early morning walk today I undertook the task.

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