Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Isn't it GREAT to be alive ?

My thought for today.

There have been some tough times in my life but I have always done this and here i still am while the bitch days are gone and forgotten.

I am way from home at the moment spending time with my two wonderful grand daughters. That's one joy of being old, grand children - I have two grand sons and two grand daughters. We had a wonderful day yesterday, you should have seen me on the childrens' playground rides ! Today the older of the two, she is only five, is going to a childrens' climbing centre for a lesson. I am not sure if I will be brave enough to watch.

My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic meal for Valentine's last night. Yep Tuesday 14th February 2017 was a special day for me.

Here's the music to set my day and your day off well this Wednesday.

That is a WIKID piece of music. I have all of the songs from my YouTube Channel on CDs which I have loaded into the car's multi changer. Yesterday, as we drove along, I was singing away to them.  I'm not sure the girls were impressed.

I love music, I could not imagine a world without it. I have always like YouTube, well ever since I discovered it a number of years ago. have you visited My Channel ? It's just staring to be found by other users.

Now then, I have come up with an idea.

I have purchased another website domain name and will, next month, be launching a new Patriotic Pensioner project. People will be able to tell me their favourite tunes, why they like them then I will make a YouTube collection just for them. Look out for this.

Isn't it great to be alive ? In the 66+ years I have been on this planet I have never been so happy as I am right now. Life is a disco you know and the ONLY way to live it is to dance. So have a fantastic day - have a WIKID WEDNESDAY. Speak again tomorrow.

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