Saturday, 11 February 2017

I find I have a duty to do

When I launched THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER and AUTHOR MAX ROBINSON on the Net at the beginning of  December last year it was all a bit of fun and a a hobby for me.

It is still a hobby and is still a lot of fun for me.

Don't ask me why but yesterday several hundred new people started to follow me on TWITTER. I now have 17.3k  I think I have a duty on Twitter to do a bit more than simply poke fun at politicians.

I have, of course, my MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR DAY GO WELL and BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TO END YOUR DAY collections on YouTube. 

Speaking of which here's this morning's theme:

Today I am going to launch something new on TWITTER. Thought4Today. Here's Sunday 12th February's post.

If just 0.01% of my Twitter followers get anything from this new project then I will be happy -doing the Maths that is still 17 people a day.

My very best friend Jake wants to say Good Morning to you all.

I have started to write JAKE'S STORY within my library but time writing has been overtaken by readers demanding, nicely demanding, I finish my crime thriller ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST.

Do not worry Jake your story will be told and when it is I promise it will be special.

Yesterday I added several thousand words to Chapter Three in The Angels Of The Anti Christ where serial killer Timothy Ford claims victims numbers four and five. My mind is full of text waiting to be composed for central character Acting Detective Sergeant Dave McDermott who is fast building up a picture of the killer and before the end of the chapter.

With the serial killer targeting traffic wardens within the story's plot there is a degree of public sympathy for him. Dave McDermott is about to realise that Ford is not a monster but actually a victim himself.

The police profiler, a lady in whom McDermott has little confidence, is about to say that Victorian serial killer Jack The Ripper, who was never caught, no longer needed to kill so the murders ceased and so it will be with the Slayer of the Angels. Monster or victim, McDermott is determined he will catch his man and the killings will not go down in history in the same way as has Jack The Ripper.

And with that I'll end today's blog.

Make sure you have a wonderful day - make it special for yourself and for all you meet along the way.

Speak again later.

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