Monday, 27 February 2017

I am going to be really creative today

I plan a highly constructive day today.

I am getting a tiny bit jealous that my best friend Jake's blog with its tiny daily updates is getting more readers than any of the stories in my library !

My wife is going to be out all day, this evening I am going to watch a performance of Swan Lake by The Royal Ballet so we will pass like ships in the night. It will just be Jake and me at home for most of the day.

Overnight I have received an e-mail from Amazon which basically asks me to pull my finger out and get the first of my stories on to its e-book download site.

I have started to check over my story THE DIARY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE, I have worked through the first three chapters and have eight more to work on. My number one task for today will be to finish this.  I have designed a new cover for the book, I am no artist but I rather like it.

Probably not today but I will then get to grips with the technicalities of Amazon and offer the book for download. I am thinking to make the price 10p which will give me 7p per download after Amazon has taken its commission.  It would be very nice if by 1st March 2018 it had sold 10,000 downloads.

Where's my calculator ? That would give me seven hundred pounds. Not a fortune and I have had to file my tax details with Amazon so at the end of the day I will end up with about half this sum. Still writing for me is a hobby, it is not meant to be money-making.

I am most definitely going to write some more words today for my story FIREBALL XL5. This is something I am doing for my Grandson who is supposedly drawing pictures to illustrate the tale - he hasn't given me anything yet.

I need to chase him up.

Chasing me up are the characters in my third crime busting tale THE HIGHWAYMAN RAPIST.   Sometimes when I write it is as if a character is standing behind me and whispering into my ear. Detective Inspector Dave McDermott is whispering into my ear at the moment. He is telling me I need to make something within the introductory paragraphs clearer. He is also asking me if I am comfortable with the title. Of that I am not sure.

So today if I can sort these three areas of my story library I will have had a good day.

Over the week-end I started to tidy up my garden after the winter and prepare it for its summer glory. Today I want to fix a fence in the vegetable plot then way over the other side I want to prepare the opening of my summer house which has been closed all winter.

Roald Dahl had a shed in his garden where he sat to write his books

I am not a millionaire author as was Roald Dahl but my summer house is a lot better place all round than the "shed" on the left. My summerhouse, which I built with my own fair hands two years ago, is here below.

I can't wait until the weather gets warmer, until the garden stars to take on its summer look, then I can move my laptop to the summer house and work there.

Well I had better get on I suppose.

So that's my day planned.

Should be a good one.

Hope your is just as great.


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