Tuesday, 21 February 2017


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I am so excited !  I have just come back from taking my grandson Adam to school. Sitting in the car I played him the Fireball theme song:

I then told him about my idea to write the story FIREBALL XL5. I handed him the draft introduction I had written and looked in the mirror as we drove along to see what his
reaction was.

I was thrilled to bits when he said he liked the idea.

Then I suggested he could draw pictured to illustrate the story. "My mind is already full of ideas," he said.

But the really big thrill came, this is why I am so excited, when I saw him run off to a group of his friends outside the school and point to me. He told them about our story.

I am planning a day at the laptop, I want to get the ideas I came up with last night for McDermott's Next Case written up and on-line but one thing is certain, before I pick Adam up from school this afternoon I had better have more of his story written !

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