Saturday, 11 February 2017

How was your Saturday

Hi there - it's getting dark outside here in England. Mind you it has been dark all day ! Bitterly cold with flakes of snow, nothing heavy but damn cold.

I've had a good day, how about you ?  I have written and typed up a few thousand more words in Chapter Three of my latest story ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST. 

If you are following the story serial killer Timothy Ford has just dealt justice to victims four and five. Acting Detective Sergeant David McDermott is building a picture of the killer in his mind.

Beware the two murders I have just told my readers about are brutal and may disturb some of the more sensitive among you.

I am aiming to finish the story by the end of the month.

I have been working hard today on my YouTube collection of songs which were number one hits in the UK charts on my birthdays.  I have published 1950, the year when I was born, together with 1951,52,and 53. These were all pre rock and roll years, way before British pop music took over the world, and I don't mind saying the songs are a bit NAF ! I will keep working on the project - have a lot of birthdays to cover.


As we look to the evening and a time to relax allow me to share with you all my theme for Saturday.

That's lovely isn't it ?

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