Sunday, 5 February 2017

Have I Got A Lot To Tell You Today !

Hi there Friends - How's your Monday ?

You have listened to today's theme to make your day go well haven't you ?

I went to the ballet last night and am still buzzing with the awesome performance I saw. It was the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow performing Swan Lake.

No I did not jump on to my private jet and fly East. The performance was broadcast to cinemas all over Europe.  I watched the live Moscow performance in Northampton.

It truly was the most amazing ballet performance I have ever seen. Fantastic costumes, incredible scenery and dancers beyond anything I have ever seen before. At one point I counted forty performers on stage, every one of them in perfect unison, every arm, hand, leg and foot an exact mirror of all the others.

I had a wonderful evening. I posted a review on TRUST PILOT.

I am busy writing the second chapter in my new story ANGEL'S OF THE ANTI CHRIST. As I walked back to my car after the performance a flash of inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightning.

In the chapter I am slowly introducing readers to the serial killer. I have the plot for the fourth murder planned but had not the link to the current story line in my head. In that Northampton cinema car park last night it hit me. Today I will start writing it out.

I have been busy adding lots of new material to my YOU TUBE CHANNEL   There's a new collection of my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan songs.

I have been a bit naughty and made a slideshow of my more INFAMOUS Tweets from January 2017.

Are you following me on TWITTER ?

I am getting almost as addicted to Twitter as is Donald Trump !

Today Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne for 65 years. I was there at the coronation. Not in Westminster Abbey but along the coronation route waving my Union Jack.

Congratulations Your Majesty. Congratulations and THANK YOU.

It's a great day isn't it ?  Marvelous Monday - have a great one.


Have fun.

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