Thursday, 23 February 2017

Can I write three stories at the same time ?

Yesterday I finished writing my story McDermott's  Next Case. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working on that and personally I feel it is a better story than Angels Of The Anti Christ which it follows.

The opening words of this story conclude the anti christ tale and the next Dave McDermott crime busting adventure will do the same. David McDermott has now been promoted to Detective Inspector and put in charge of a second Major Incident Team within Thames Valley Police. I have written the opening few paragraphs linking the former story with the new but have not yet decided on the crime to be investigated.

In Angels Of The Anti Christ  we have a serial killer brutally murdering traffic wardens then in McDermott's  Next Case the plans of a kidnapping duo are brought to an end before t
hings really start to turn nasty for their victims.

In both stories there are some nasty adult themes.

I do have an idea for this this Dave McDermott story, give me a few days to mull things over and I will start writing.

Nothing adult in content about my Fireball XL5 story which I am writing as a gift for my seven year old grandson.

Yesterday I added a couple of thousand more words to the tale. The teacher ion me is coming out as I have woven some knowledge building paragraphs into the text.

The story is going to be a little, no a lot, longer than I had anticipated. Adam is going to draw pictures to illustrate the story, over the week-end I want to take the plot along to the point where the spaceship actually takes off on its journey into space then I want Adam to begin drawing.

I am confident that I can manage to write simultaneously both Dave McDermott's next story and Fireball XL5 as they are so totally different in style but my head is bursting with an idea for a supernatural and spine chilling tale, something I have never attempted before.

Yesterday I took up my pen and scribbled the opening few paragraphs into my notepad.

Here they are.

"And so Man created God in his own image," Professor Garwood said in conclusion of his lecture.

Professor Kenneth William Spencer Garwood, world renowned authority on the history and development of religion smiled. Nineteen year old Toby Wolf smiled back. he had an idea.

The Garwood Theory was that there was no supernatural being which people called God. No god of the Christians and no god of the Jews. Allah was just as unreal in the Moslem faith as were the gods of Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Yet they all spiritually did exist in their time, some still did exist. Existence was from the power of man's mind.

Man created God in his own image. Even within the Christian religion God took on different forms. The god of the Roman Catholics was not the god of the Pentecostals and theirs different from the Methodist and Baptists. While man's collective mind also created the Devil his was only one persona, he did not differ from sect to sect. Hell was Hell and the Devil was the Devil.

There is a myth that Adolf Hitler had a team looking into the use of supernatural powers to aid his cause. I do not think that is true, if it were then history would have made far more of it. I think Hitler believed in what I am calling THE GARWOOD THEORY. My story will follow this thought.

Oh My God !  While I was writing the above paragraph an idea burst into my head. The crime Detective Inspector David McDermott will be asked to investigate will be the Dick Turpin Rapes. No, of course, the historical Dick Turpin was not a rapist, he was a highway robber. However, in 2017 his counterpart will be both a highway robber and a serial rapist.

So I will have THREE stories on the go at once. Can I manage this task ?

I must not forget Jake's Diggie Blog. Are you checking out my best friend's story ?  As soon as I have finished this I will be updating it.

Do have a read.

I'd better get cracking then hadn't I.

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