Saturday, 25 February 2017

Calling it as I see it.

When I started my WEEKLY DAIRY I set out to tell it as I see it, to praise that which is good while naming and shaming that which I believe hurts our country.

I began the diary with a feature reporting on service providers. At the the end of 2016 I named Argos as retailer of the year. I still think the British retail establishment could learn a lot from Argos.

I still believe Britain's most despicable service provider is BT.

Dreadful operation !

I have stopped including this feature in my diary but started to use a fantastic reviewing website TRUST PILOT.

I try to post only positive reviews but now and then I need to make an exception. This morning is such an exception.

Yesterday evening I had to drive to a godforsaken hole by the name of Luton.

I was asked to pick a couple of people from a flight landing in what just has to be Britain's worst airport. The operators of this dunp call it London Luton Airport but trust me it is nowhere near London.

I today posted a scathing but true review of this horrible place on TrustPilot. This is what I had to say.

Do not be confused by the name it tries to use - LONDON Luton Airport is nowhere near London ! This is a delusion of grandeur gone a bit too far. In reality Luton Airport is a runway within a building site on a hill overlooking Britain's most unfashionable town. I only hope the pilots of the aircraft have a better understanding of geography than do the operators of this terrible place.

Car parking charges are a rip off AND SOME. When you have parked you then play the game - FIND THE TERMINAL. It is unbelievable. No proper signing as you clamber miles through rubble and excavation in a giant building site. Inside this unfriendly airport there were no staff anywhere to be found, no help NO NOTHING. They had all probably gone to London trying to find the place !

I have awarded this place one star but in reality it deserves one tenth of one star. WHAT A DUMP.

If you are planning a holiday DO NOT let it start and finish at Luton, go to a proper airport.

First thing thins morning before I posted this review 1,425 people had read the reviews I added to TrustPilot. As of the time I am typing up this blog there have been 1,450 people check it out.

Let's see how many have viewed it this time tomorrow.

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