Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bin Bag Thursday AND a Weather Bomb on the way !

It is foul outside !  Wind - rain and horrible all round. Not going to be outside much today. I've put out the rubbish sacks for collection and got soaked in the rain. Jake has not had his morning walk and I've not yet fed the birds. Grotty day. A grotty day so let's cheer it up.


Below is my MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR DAY GO WELL - think I will turn the volume up to eleven.

But looking on the bright side I will be able to spend more time at my laptop. I've a lot to do.

Ok - here's the music. Listen to it, enjoy it's happy melody then take it with you and brighten up your day.

OK so what's the news ?

Jakes Blog has been updated so drop in and have a read. See how he got on at Doggie Weight Watchers yesterday.

I am expecting to finish my story DcDermott's Next Case today. There has been a lot of interest and a wide readership and I know many are waiting to know how everything turns out.

I want to write another adventure for Dave McDermott and have some ideas but as yet have not come up with the crime he has to solve.

I will be working on the story I am writing for my grandson, Adam. FIREBALL XL5 but my mind, at the moment, is fast filling with something I mentioned on yesterday's blog entry.

When I wrote, a couple of weeks
ago the first Dave McDermott crime story - ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST I was exploring a brand new genre of writing for me.  I had never before written a crime story even though this is the most popular type of story among readers world-wide. Now I find I am really in to this area of composition and promise Detective Sergeant David McDermott will be returning. I'll let you into a secret - he will soon be Detective Inspector David McDermott !

But back to the idea I bounced round yesterday.

As a teenager my favourite style of reading was horror where good and evil, heaven and hell played off against each other. I particularly liked the writing of Dennis Wheatley. I want to try my hand at this and have come up with an idea for THE FIRES OF HELL.

I'll let the idea develop for a few days then see what I can do with it.

So my pen will be rather busy.

I am sitting at my dining room table looking out of the window into the garden. The rain is lashing down and the wind is battering the trees. I don't think I will stray far from here today.

So I had better get on writing.

Speak again later.

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