Thursday, 16 February 2017

Am I a racist ?

I posted this on TWITTER yesterday. It did not arouse much interest which was something of a surprise to me. With more than seventeen thousand followers I would have thought somebody would have said something about it but NO.  It was just accepted as my true and honest opinion.

A while back I was speaking to my seven year old grandson and saying that Britain was the greatest nation on earth. He challenged me saying I was wrong, America was the greatest nation.

"What do you mean if you say something is U S ?" I asked him.

"Useless," was his quick reply.

"So U S A means......................"

"Ah yes," he smiled.

I have been to America many more times than I can recount. I have been to California, Boston, Detroit, New York - terrible place New York ! I have been to Nevada, to Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas - now that is a strange place !  I have had some great times in America even if Americans do frustrate me like crazy.

I can not stand their inability to spell. Why must they use a Z in a word when it should be an S ?  Realise not Realize. Why when I am typing up this blog does the damn spell checker tell me I have spelt the first word incorrectly ? Damn Americans LOL.

Why do Americans insist on writing the date backwards ?  Today is Friday 17th February 2017.  It is NOT Friday February 17th 2017 !

But my criticising (YES with an S and not a Z) America in this way, does it make me a racist ?

One of my favourite meals (YES my American readers that IS how you spell FAVOURITE not your way as favorite !) Is mushroom chow mein. Love it. As a special treat I will go to my local take away and buy a portion with fried rice and prawn crackers. When I say I am popping up to the CHINKY is that a racist statement ?  Many would say it is derogatory and yes, racist. GET OVER IT when I say Chinky I am a referring to something good and something special. How can that be racist ?


That is what it is - A JOKE.

I was ten years old before I saw a negro. Oh not allowed to say that are we ?  What do we have to call them now ?  Black ?  In my teenage years calling someone black was considered wrong. 

Since seeing my first coloured person - am I allowed to say coloured - they are all over Britain. You know what ? I don't even notice if a man or woman is black or white, they are just people to me. Call them Afro-Carribean, call them West Indian if you like to me they are fellow Brits who have brought a lot to our nation and I would not want my country to be without them. So how ever I try to find words to say the tone of their skin am I being racist ?

What I do not like about my country is walking down the street and hearing every language under the sun beyond English being spoken.  I do not want that. If you come to live in England you speak ENGLISH. I think if I were to live in America I may well consider spelling words incorrectly and writing the date backwards.  By objecting to the infiltration of foreign tongues into England is that being racist ?

I do not like religion in any form. Among the 17k+ followers I have on TWITTER  if I see on a person's profile I AM A CHRISTIAN I tend to ignore them completely. be a Christian if you wish - to me it is all mumbo jumbo, but DO NOT shove it in my face. There is not a Jehovah Witness in our town who would dare knock on my door. The first of hell would be a better ordeal than the tongue lashing I would dish out.

When I see women walking about in GREAT BRITAIN with - YES I AM GOING TO USE THESE WORDS - rag bags on their heads it offends me. I do not want religion or a non-British culture shoved in my face like that. Those head coverings to me are like putting two fingers up to my country and its culture. I would, not go to Saudi Arabia and disrespect its national way of life so why should my way of life be disrespected ?  Is that being racist ?

I do not care about the colour of a person's skin, if you ask me Mother Nature got it wrong with both black and white people, brown is the most pleasing skin tone in my opinion. When the world was created I think Mother Natire got it right when she created the Indian sub-continent and decided the colour of we Brits on a bad day. Is that being racist ? yes I would like to see all the mosques in Britain closed down but I would also like to see all the kingdom halls boarded up. So is that being racist ?

We used to say someone was half-cast, meaning a parent of one racial colour and a parent from another. It was not an offensive way of speaking, not intended to be. These days we have to say mixed race ? WHY ? Can you tell me why ?  Why do we have to say anything to describe someone who had one black and one white parent ? Why do we have to have any way at all of describing them ? they are just people like you and me.  That is NOT being racist !  If a French man marries an Italian woman will that make his children mixed race ? No different than a Welsh man hooking up with a woman from Barbados !

When I left school I went to work in a large city centre department store in Birmingham.

Here it is on the right. 

Part of my job was to manage furnishing contracts for customers. I had several customers who lived in a street named Viceroy Close which was with the city's Jewish community. Not one of those contracts went smoothly. Every customer found something to moan about, several although wealthy were bad payers and all were constantly changing their minds.

One day my sales manager told me I was not allowed to take any more contracts from Jews.

Did that make him racist ?  Did it make him anti-semitic ? NO he was just being a businessman.  I ignored his instruction and continued to sell to this Jewish community simply because I wanted high sales figures !

I have been to Amsterdam, three times I have visited Ann Frank's House.  As a teacher I took my students there so thew could see where the book was set and better understand what  the family was going through. That did not make me pro Jew or anti German.

I have never visited the sites of a former death camp and do not want to. Why would I ? The holocaust was way before my birth and is now part of history. I am not saying we should forget what happened but I do suggest time has embellished things slightly - SLIGHTLY not significantly.  I do not want the holocaust thrown up in my face the way it is a little too often. Does that make me racist ?  How long before we let those souls rest ? Will we still have Holocaust Memorial Day in fifty years time ?  One hundred years time ? One thousand years time ?  When will we let it rest ? By asking that question does it make me racist ?

At school the French master was always called FROG.  A Frenchman was, is a frog. It's not a term of derision so is it racist ?  I am British, you can call me a Brit if you like or you can call me a Limey even - I don't care, it does not offend me. And NO it is NOT racist.

I hate the European Union - no secret there.  I feel sorry for the people in nations bound into its terrible anti-democratic ways. I am not a Frenchman but I think France is an ancient and proud nation. Frogs if you like but GREAT people the Frogs.  Italy is a beautiful nation. Never been to Spain but am told it is lovely.  Greece - had a fantastic holiday there a few years ago. The European Union would seek to destroy France, Italy, Spain, Greece and all the rest of its unfortunate members.


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