Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Brexit Means To Me

The majority of my blog readers are in the USA, you have a BIG day happening on Friday don't you ?

Love him or love him not you can not fault the patriotism of your President Elect. I hope you all have a great day on Friday when he takes the oath of office.

Your outgoing president blew it for me and many of my fellow Brits when he came here and thought he could influence the way we voted in the referendum to leave the European Union.

Brexit + + isn't that what your new president said ?

I do wonder if my American friends and readers understand what Brexit means to everyday British people like myself. Patriotic people like myself.

When Great Britain joined what was then called The Common Market I was a young man but old enough to believe it was a mistake.  When a referendum was called in 1975 I voted to leave The Common Market.  I was in a minority.

Now called The European Union this un-elected, anti-democratic, self-serving institution seeks to crush member states into losing sovereignty and national identity. It seeks to centralise law making. What is a perfectly sensible law in Germany may not be so in France or Holland. It seeks to have open borders alowing free immigration across members states.

This may work for some countries, mainly the exporters of people, but it does not work for all. In the referendum last June immigration was one of the deciding factors. No matter how you look at it our little island is FULL. 650 people live in every square mile of Great Britain.  In the United States this figure is 84.

I voted to leave the European Union because I believe in democracy, each nation being in charge via the ballot box of its own destiny. The European Union does not believe in this. It hates the idea.

For generations people in our country fought and died for democracy, my generation was not called to do so but had it been I would like to think I would not have been reluctant to put my life on the line. These people from our history did not sacrifice what they did for the European Union to do what it is doing.

Had the vote gone the other way I would have been very sad and unhappy. I would have voiced my opinion as loudly as I could, that is after all democracy isn't it ? What I would not have done is to conspire to overturn the vote - that is being a TRAITOR.

In days gone by we knew how to deal with traitors. If it were up to me the traitors who are now conspiring to overturn the vote and deny democracy would suffer the same end.

I have no problem with the thought that Tony Blair's head be displayed on a spike on London Bridge !

I doubt the European Union will last until the end of the decade. One thing is for certain DEMOCRACY in our island and in your great nation will be here for generations to come.

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