Friday, 20 January 2017

Time to sort out the BBC

More than 25 years ago I appeared in a US TV documentary. Live on camera I emerged from the Tardis to be interviewed by Doctor Who about British Television.  The audience
could not believe that in our country it is against the law to watch television without having a licence. It was seen as a restriction on freedom and anti-democratic.

Today the TV Licence Fee is still in place and costs a staggering £145.50 a year.

I could not tell you how many television stations I receive, dozens and dozens, all are self funded save one - The BBC. If I watch any station at all, any of the dozens I can chose from, without paying for I licence I am breaking the law. I would be fined ONE THOUSAND POUNDS + legal costs.

Last week BBC News claimed that British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said that we would not be bullied over leaving the European Union and used the word Nazi to describe what had been said by a foreign politician. HE DID NOT ! The word Nazi was put into his mouth by the BBC.

You can not trust BBC News to be impartial. During the referendum campaign it was BIASED - BIASED AS HELL !  Its current affairs programme PANORAMA is sensational and would be better suited to a rag-bag tabloid newspaper.

I responded to a Tweet and forwarded it to my supporters where somebody was complaining about the BBC and saying its charter should be revoked.   It was liked 153 times and re-tweeted 107 times. If there was a referendum on the BBC and the licence fee both would be abolished overnight.

May I make a suggestion for the BBC.
  1. IMMEDIATELY the television licence fee is scrapped. The BBC has to become self funding. It can sell advertising space if it wishes, the same as all other TV stations.
  2. BBC1 and BBC2 can remain.  BBC3 vanished.  BBC4 will be amalgamated into BBC4.
  3. CBBC, Cbeedies and BBC Parliament can remain.
  4. BBC Television will ONLY be allowed to broadcast news, current affairs, documentaries, comedy and quality drama.  RUBBISH like East (Dead) enders will be closed down. Reality TV will be banned. Strictly Come Dancing can DANCE OFF.
  5. The BBC can keep Radio 4 and 5 but Radio 1, 2 and 3 will be sold off. The BBC can keep technical ownership and lease the stations to commercial broadcasters. The money received can replace the licence fee.
I like the way President Trump is treating the US Media, I like the off hand scorn he showed for BBC News. I would love to see a British politician do the same.

The BBC has its head so far up its own backside it can not see the real world. Time to cut it down to size and time to stop funding its ego trip.

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