Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Time to get writing

Today I am going to do a lot of writing !  If you see a column of smoke rising from Central England it will be my pen in overdrive burning up the pages.

Please take a look at my YouTube Channel and watch PAPERBACK WRITER.  It tells you all about my ambitions to become a writer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czae6sA46QM&t=175s

After the Beatles have sung their song you can see me hard at work. That's what I will be doing all day,

My story The Autobiography of Billy Hardcastle is nearing its conclusion, just another two thousand words to write in the final chapter.

If you go to my diary - www.patrioticpensioner.com you will find near the bottom of the page links to all my stories.

As soon as I have finished telling Billy's story I am going to tell my own in an autobiography of my school days. Not happy days but days filled with lots of memories.

My plan for today is to finish Billy Hardcastle and write the first chapter in my own autobiography.

Have a super day.  Look out for that plume of smoke over England.


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