Friday, 13 January 2017

Looking for advice - can you help ?

I have set myself the target of writing two thousand words a day. I am currently achieving that.  I write my blog over the course of a few days and am here rattling the laptop keys for this feature on Friday afternoon. As I write I have just published the chapter in my schoolboy autobiography which deals with my third year in secondary school.

It is quite likely that by the time this diary is published I will have finished the whole story. There are two more chapters to write, my fourth and fifth years in secondary school, but I think I may add a final chapter where I review my entire school career.

I really do need some help and advice for the story I am going to write once this schoolboy autobiography is finished.

I have made a video presentation explaining how you can help me. You can watch it on YouTube at

Or on my profile at:

I have all the ideas for my net story which will be a time travel trilogy.  I will use quantum mechanics as a way to explain the time portal which allows me in my first journey to meet up with a multi-billionaire who wants to force Radio One out of business. In the second excursion I go back to the trenches of World War One where I meet my grandfather, a man I never knew. He dies of an illness contracted in the trenches shortly after my own father was born.  My final journey will be back to the days of my youth when I worked in a large city centre department store.

As you will see from the video I have no idea for a title.

Could you help me ?

Bounce your ideas off me.

e-mail me

THANKS for reading this blog entry and THANKS in anticipation of your ideas.


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