Thursday, 19 January 2017

Life is a disco - SO DANCE !

 Do not let anyone tell you different.......


                                             SO DANCE

I love music, I love classical, I love opera, I love ballet, I love pop music from a time when British Pop Music ruled the world.

If you care to read my schoolboy autobiography: you can find out how my interest in music was started.

Without music my life would be empty.

When I say that LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE I am speaking both metaphorically and literally. You day will always be so much better if you dance your way through it.

 I grew up in the 1960's and YES it was a magical decade. Sadly, BBC Radio One destroyed the British pop music industry. Even the best music today can not compare with the music I grew up with.

The BBC, for my money, has a lot to answer for !

In another of my stories, my time travel trilogy:

The characters plot to bring about the fall of Radio One and return to the days of Pirate Radio.

Wouldn't that be fantastic ?

Have you checked out my You Tube Channel ?

Now here's a long link for you !

Can I play you one or two tunes from my collection: MUSIC I LISTENED TO WHEN I WAS A KID ?

Do click the links and listen. As you listen you can watch a slide show telling you a little about the song and why I chose it for YouTube.

YES his real name was Graham Pulleyblank - honestly. Much better when he changed it to LEAPEY LEE.

Follow the link and listen to him sing LITTLE ARROWS.

Go on I dare you !

If you do the tune will haunt you all day long but it will be a fantastic haunting:

I was seventeen years old when my next choice was released.

If you follow this link and listen to the music I want you to not just listen but to follow the actions.

Are you up for this ?

Go on - after all Life IS a disco SO dance.

Are you doing it ? If you are it will make your day great.  I am listening as I type and am typing in time to the music.

One more........

This is a bit different.

It's the theme tune from a kids TV programme.

It may be for kids BUT LISTEN TO THE WORDS - particularly the last verse. Listen and think about what they say.


Do me a favour will you ? Well two favours if I may be so cheeky !

Drop me an e-mail and tell me about your dancing.  (My e-mail is Tell me some of your favourite songs, I'll add them to my diary: and include them in my YouTube Channel.

Then do me a second favour. Please tell your cyber buddies about my view on life - LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE.  The world would be a better place if we all danced our way through the day.


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